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Intro to 16 projects that each is expected to help more than one billion people

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I am writing to make you aware about our projects to solve some of the world’s biggest problems and invite you to be part of the solutions we offer. Our projects not only solve some of the world’s biggest problems but also are some of the world’s best investment opportunities ever. Most of our projects offer exponential profits like never seen before.

Here is brief listing of the projects we have that can help billions of people.

1. Structured water.- The molecular structure of water can easily be changed to make the water significantly more efficient, wetter, capable of dissolving more solids, benefiting a long list of health condition and increasing crop yield significantly.

2. Prime water.- It is estimated that there is 30X more water inside the bedrock of the planet than in the aquifers and surface water on the outside. There are low cost ways of finding and tapping this pure water.

3. Air Traffic Management System.- to enable large-scale deployment of worldwide personal VTOL aircraft and very low cost air-taxi service. This is a 25 trillion dollar industry ready to be applied now, and to mature over the next ten years.

4. Decentralized Global system of complementary currencies.- to be used as an complement and possible replacement to the current fiat system.

5. Anti-ageing and age reversal.- Yes we have such technologies.

6. Legal-Portal.- This project will start by helping out over 500 million people and grow to serve a large portion of everyone in this planet. It includes optimizing the dysfunctional justice systems and rewriting the constitutions of many countries and a legal practical encyclopedia.

7. Personal Concierge.- Next generation AI, that will be bigger that Google, eBay, Amazon all put together.

8. Collective Decision Making Software.- Will significantly reduce the size of all federal governments. Practically eliminating corruption, and streamlining the decision making process.

9. Biosphere in Las Vegas, Cuba, Ecuador/Perú, and Portugal/Spain.- Next generation of state-of-the-art entertainment, along with sanctuary for endangered species.

10. Reforestation Gun.- This is an open-source fully automated system for worldwide reforestation.

11. Farm to Market.- A simple distribution software to aid food production sale. A must for poor countries.

12. Ecuador Seedbank.- More seedbanks will increase biodiversity and benefit us all.

13. Free Energy.- We have inventors that need to be fully vetted with approximately ten technologies that offer free energy. That means no fuel consumption to produce energy at next to no cost. Complete due diligence needs to be completed, but we do believe these technologies to be real.

14. Crowdfunding.- We have a unique, comprehensive and advanced crowdfunding method for Iberoamerica.

15. Celestavia.- Our much lower cost Personal Rapid Transport system.

The above includes only our business projects that can help over one billion people; in total, we have over one hundred projects ready for production and implementation. NOTE: We ONLY have one research project in this list; all of the rest of these projects are ready to be deployed.

Take at least an hour to learn about us, and most importantly, about our projects. Once you are familiar with our projects, then you may want to set up a time for us to talk or you can email us your questions.

The area that we need the most help with is funding, which has been the bottleneck for us. We have awesome ideas that are ready for deployment, we have the personnel to do them, and can hire those that we do not have, but funding has been in extreme lack…

See where your heart guides you, we can use help with any and all our projects, in the form of additional team members and funding. Funding can be in the form of equity, debt and/or grants.