More Criminals Join Bitcoin Startups

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Several of the leading silver market manipulators from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and others of the Big Four banks, along with former UST Secretary Larry Summers and a former CEO of the US Bankster’s chief financial organization that you probably have never heard of called DTCC are suddenly and inexplicably joining cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) ventures. This suggests that as the current monetary system collapses, that the Cabal is poised to take over the new Cryptocurrency monetary system. See the letter from Bix Weir below.


If you have not yet seen it, watch the interview about the video that History Channel did with Bix Weir about DTCC—and then were afraid to air! NO ONE owns stocks anymore! They are all owned by the DTCC! Check it out at the link below.


From Bix Weir of

More Criminals Join Bitcoin Start-ups
There seems to be a trend starting in the Bitcoin infrastructure. All the criminals from the past are emerging and embedding themselves into Bitcoin start-ups. First it was Goldman Sachs, then Blythe Masters, then Larry Summers and announced today one of the key henchmen at the DTCC has made his move!

Ripple Appoints DTCC’s Former CEO as Advisor

“Digital currency startup Ripple Labs has appointed Donald Donahue, former CEO of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) as an advisor to the company.”

Let’s not forget the Mega-Conspiracy at the DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) that I talked extensively about over the past few years. My interview with Sean at now has over 250,000 views!

The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast

The addition of Donahue and Masters and Summers to the Bitcoin infrastructure guarantees that two things will happen in the future:

1) Bitcoin is a major part of the PLANNED future of money

2) Our battles against the Bad Guys will NOT end after the fiat monetary system implodes.

But life is like that…once you succeed at one challenge – you are presented with another.

Luckily, we know  how they like to play and have caught on early.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – *Buy my book as it tells you all about who, how, why and WHEN!

The Book: “Silver, Gold, Bitcoin…and God!”

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