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We are grateful to two friends from Europe who have accepted our request for feedback about our new website.  Here are some of their comments:

Ali from the UK says:


How wonderful to get your information on the GGTrust Global Currency initiative! I absolutely agree with your comment about this being Divinely inspired. As soon as I first came across information from Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock (late 2011), it absolutely dawned on me as to how much humanity is being held hostage by the global finance system and hence how important the Global Finance Reset and Global Currency Reset are. Hence it was divine synchronicity to come across GGTrust, volunteer to help and then to start receive information about the RV and GCR from you… Thank you so!

I have dedicated this morning to reading information on and related to the GGTurst Global Current initiative, subscribed to the newsletter, made a small donation ($50 – where I see 5 as signifying humanity and 0 for source… hopefully lots more to come soon, once RV finally released…), more reading planned and am pondering as to how best I may contribute.

I am guided to introduce myself a little more to you – I am a Lightworker and way-shower and know who and what I am (and hopefully can share more of this as and when appropriate).

I will certainly hold the intention that this GGTrust Global Currency initiative proceeds in a way that is for the Highest Good of All.

In the meantime, initial feedback as follows:

  • Whilst I wouldn’t say that I fully understood it all at first read, I found the information presented to be well structured and organised and very thought-provoking as to how different our currency systems could be and how they can better serve us and underpin humanity.
  • To me, the intended finance system reset (clearly underway/ nearing completion) is the critical first stage (followed by the release of much needed abundance for us all) and the GGTrust vision for a complete new currency system is a powerful way of it being manifested (given that we all co-create our world).
  • I am sure that I have read or heard of channeled references to ‘Rainbow’ currency, if you want a better, more embracing name. Equally, I am sure that the new system is a temporary steppingstone to a moneyless, Galactic society….
  • [Here she shared some links that did not work, so we could fix them.  Thanks, Ali!!!]
  • Great information about kinesiology – I happened across a way to test on yourself, which removes the need for another person – though I guess you have to be careful not to allow the brain to interfere with the test. It seems to have stood me in good stead so far.
  • Working with the Universal Laws and carefully considering all aspects from an energetic level are important factors for this (and any other highly transformative) New World project.
  • Pareto’s Law also came to mind (the 80:20 rule –, so I wondered if that was worth considering and leveraging in some way in the models that are developed.
  • And in pondering this email further, it dawns on me that models based on Sacred Geometry (which underpins the natural laws of creation) would be the most powerful.
  • A thought popped into my head when I was reading about the WIR as to a possible marketplace in which a local currency could have its place, with a suitable model – eBay. Here there is a lot of use of eBay, selling personal items to raise funds and buying items from retailers at discount prices – surely there is a model that could be developed that leads to a win-win-win for eBay, buyers and sellers – or their competitors? Bringing the advantages of a local currency to all within an existing ‘marketplace’ or community would perhaps be the quickest and most effective way of getting traction (and exposure to the idea of using such a currency).
  • I hadn’t looked at the Soul of Money presentation, which I did this morning and which nicely consolidated and built on materials I had read on the web site yesterday – getting it a second time in a different format (I love creating and using dynamic PowerPoints!) really helped me to understand and digest more of the information.
  • I have spent some time with ‘Our Vision’ content this morning, as that was what I felt prompted to do. I have made a number of comments on a Word form of the text, with the comments anchored to suitable points in the text. Please accept them with the positive intention that they are communicated to you – equally I will not be offended if they do not resonate with you. If you like what I have communicated and want me to expand any comments or suggestions or tweak the existing text (using the suggestions), then I would be delighted to do so.

I hope that this is of help. Please let me know you receive it okay.

Wishing you much success!  Ali

Sandrea from France shared this with us:

Greetings Dr. Dan,

Thank you for sharing information on the project you have been working on!  Huge endeavor with so much information.

Still going through sections and reading, need a sherpa lol!  Impressive and comprehensive, taking my time and reviewing reading.

I find the graph’s helpful.  Thank you for all the work you and your partners are doing!

Yes Divine!



Thanks to Ali and Sandrea for their feedback.  I need to go back and go over that list of suggestions from Ali again!

Dr Dan

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