Archetypes of Money

The Sovereign The Sovereign

  • The Sovereign is the integrating force at the core of the psyche.
  • This archetype represents the Higher Self, which (when healthy) mobilizes, accepts, and integrates the forces of all the other archetypes.
  • In turn it makes the necessary sacrifices (from sacer facere literally “making sacred”) for the good of the whole.
  • It is androgynous (both male and female, integrating the energies of both the King and the Queen).
  • Its two shadows are the Tyrant and the Weakling.


The WarriorThe Warrior

The Warrior

  • The Warrior masters discipline, asceticism and force.
  • The Warrior protects what needs protecting, expands for the common good, and destroys what needs to be eliminated to enable the blossoming of new life and forms.
  • The ideal of the Western Medieval knight and the Samurai in the Japanese tradition embody this archetype. Its original usefulness came from hunting and/or avoiding being hunted by animals of prey.
  • Its two shadows are respectively the Sadist (Yang shadow) and the Masochist (Yin shadow).


The MagicianThe WIzard

The WIzard

  • The Magician masters knowledge and technology in the material world (through crafts, science, technologies) as well as in the immaterial worlds (shaman, healer, priest or priestess) or the connections between both (alchemist, Magus).
  • Its two shadows are respectively the hyper-rationalist Apollonian know-it-all on the Yang side and the indiscriminate Dionysian energy on the Yin side.


The LoverThe Lover

The Lover

  • The Lover masters play and display, sensuous pleasure without guilt.
  • It is the power of empathy and connectedness to other people and everything else.
  • The Lover is particularly sensitive to art and beauty.
  • Its two shadows are respectively the Addicted Lover (Yang shadow) and the Impotent Lover (Yin shadow). Addictions have become one of the most universal features of Modern society.


The Great MotherThe Great Mother/Provider

The Great Mother/Provider

  • “The Goddess in all her manifestations was the symbol of unity of all life in Nature. Her power was in water and stone, in tomb and cave, in animals and birds, snakes and fish, hills, trees and flowers. Hence the holistic and mythopoetic perception of the sacredness and mystery of all there is on Earth.”

The Great Goddess embodied in fact the entire archetypal map. She was Queen, Warrior, Lover, Magician and Great Mother.