What is the difference between Bitcoin and GGC?

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Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency.  Its value is produced by complex computer calculations, which it has called "mining".  Bitcoin's price has varied from less than a penny up to over $1200.  It is now down to about a third of that price.   Speculators like  instability of currencies and of prices, because it lets them make money, by betting on the future activity of the markets, but it is not good for the stability of the world economy. There is no physical representation of a Bitcoin--it only exists in digital form. GGCurrency has characteristics of a cryptocurrency, but also characteristics of other currency forms.  It is available as a gold note, in digital forms, and it also is available in paper and other forms.  One important characteristic is that the price of GGCurrency is stable, compared to a basket of gold, commodities and other assets.  It therefore is not subject to the wide swings that occur in gold, commodity, stocks, and other currencies. You can see more comparisons at the chart at the bottom of the HOME page.

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