Mining—What does it take for me to start mining currencies?

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Mining currencies takes a computer and the appropriate software.  The software for mining GGCurrency has not yet been written, so you can't start mining yet. As an example of mining currency, Bitcoin mining has become very competitive, so that very powerful computer chips to do the mining have become required to stay in the race.  These chips are called Application Specific Integrated Circuits, or ASICs, and are produced by two companies in China, which not surprisingly, also do most of the Bitcoin mining. GGCurrency mining might be possible using an ordinary computer.  It is possible that, like Bitcoin, more and more computational power will be needed as time goes on. GGCurrency will offer a license to mine GGCurrency well before the launch of GGC.  Early mining is much easier and more profitable than later mining, because the computations are easier at the early stage. After launch, GGCurrency will offer kits with the software and any required special hardware for mining.  We will like as many people as desire to be involved in the mining process, since mining keeps the currency system healthy and secure.

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