What needs to change to add my local currency to the GGCurrency System?

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Your local currency has to undergo valuation to come up with an exchange rate.  If you currently need 100 units of your currency to buy an apple, but you want to make it equal in value to GGCurrency, some adjustments would need to be made in the value of your currency. Your currency system would also need to undergo evaluation as to its structure and control.  If your currency is managed by a "central banker" who has freedom to print money whenever he wants to (like most nations), and he wants to continue doing that while trading 1:1 with GGCurrency, that would not be allowed.  GGCurrency system cannot be responsible for overprinting of local currency or overspending of local currency participants.  GGCurrency is not created by local participants.  It is created by mining. You would need to establish a local exchange office to coordinate integration of the two systems.  This would initially be done in conjunction with the GGCurrency Foundation.  The local currency exchange office would also help to integrate the long-distance exchange capabilities of GGC system, and would help to integrate your local currency with other local currencies which might be in the area.

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