Why would I want to use GGCurrency?

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History has shown that using a "yin type" currency to complement a "hard asset" currency like today's national currencies has led to the following benefits, among others:
  • Promotes Abundance and Sustainability
    • Keeps Local Wealth Local
    • Promotes Long-term Thinking and Investments, instead of Short-term
    • Reduces Greed and Scarcity Consciousness
    • Promotes Health
  • Promotes Relationships
  • Promotes Community
  • Inherently Benefits Women, and Promotes Gender Balance
  • Promotes Cooperation, Instead of Competition
  • Promotes Liberty
    • Free from Governmental Manipulation and Control
  • Is Asset Based, not like debt-based national currencies
    • Using it Creates Wealth, instead of debt
  • Has Benefits of Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin
    • Cheap and Easy to Transmit Internationally
  • And Much More!
A longer list is in our vision statement. You can learn more by reading our 7 part explanation.  

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