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GEO System Investment

Qualified investors can invest in GGTrust or in GEO by purchasing shares.  We expect that we will be able to offer share sales to the general public within the next month, when part 3 of the JOBS ACT is finally activated.

Not a Regular Stock

It is important to investors to understand that unlike most stocks, we do not intend for the value of GGTrust stocks to increase, because we want to keep GEO share values stable, and some classes of GGTrust shares are usable as GEO currency.  Instead, the value of the stocks will stay the same, but the amount of stocks which the investor owns may increase. Thus, unlike Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you will not have a chance to buy GEO currency low and speculate on it rising. But we will incorporate some methods so the investor may get a return on his investment.

Profit Points

Because GEO will be a Foundation and not a profit-making institution, the Foundation will own a for-profit exchange for currency and shares, and GGTrust may also be able to use the currency system to make some profit as it grows. Those profits can provide dividends for GGT/GEO investors.

Here are some of the ways investors may benefit from the GEO system and our revenue producing points before and after the launch of GEO:

  1. Periodic doubling of the number of an investors’ shares, and gifts of GGShares to investors. This may happen at certain milestones, like reaching certain investment levels, launching, etc.
  2. Dividends from the production and sales of local currency notes and system
  3. Dividends from the production and sales of GGCurrency notes and system
  4. Pre-launch mining of shares: Special licensing to  produce GGCurrency shares early on while the “mining” process is fast and productive.
  5. Dividends from sales of post-launch licenses to mine shares. This may allow investors to participate in early money “mining” when mining is fast and easy.
  6. Sales of kits with software and hardware to mine (create) GEO shares.
  7. Dividends from pre- and post-launch sales of notes and Aurum gold currency
    1. A percentage of profits of Aurum and note sales may be shared among investors.
  8. Dividends from pre- and post-launch sales of silver coins
    1. A share of profits of Aurum and note sales may be shared among investors
  9. Dividends from advertising sales: GEO may carry a website URL, and this will be used to attract advertising money to the system.
  10. Dividends from currency trading. Both GGTrust and GEO may have exchanges to trade in digital currencies and national currencies. These may be profit-making ventures.
  11. Dividends from investing in GGTrust projects. GGTrust has several low risk, high return projects into which GEO will be invested.   The returns from these projects may increase the pool of GEO, and may provide return on investment.

Benefits to Investors in GGTrust and GEO Currency

  1. Promoting world-changing programs
  2. Buying into stability of world economy. Like in the Swiss economy, a parallel complementary currency will tend to stabilize the cyclical swings of national and world currency systems.
  3. Store of value of for your assets. Unlike fiat currencies which lose 10% or more each year, GEO will be tied to a basket of commodities and other values.
  4. Ownership of shares of GGTrust
  5. Potential share doubling
  6. Potential dividends from GGTrust programs
  7. Ownership of collectible GGTrust paper share certificates, usable as GGCurrency
  8. Ownership of valuable and collectable silver share coins
  9. Ownership of valuable and collectable gold share certificates

Asset Backing

By the end of May 2015, we expect that GGTrust will own or control land with proven assets of 1.2 million ounces of gold (worth over 1.4 billion dollars) and 9 million ounces of silver, worth over 150 million dollars, plus 800 Million pounds of copper worth 2.3 Billion. GEO is exchangeable at 1:1 with GGTrust shares.  In essence, GEO will then be backed by more than 3.8 billion dollars’ worth of in ground precious metals.  And a total of $15 billion including inferred assets in as yet untested neighboring concessions we also control.

How to Invest

  1. Qualified Investors, and in the near future the general public,  may purchase equity shares for USD $10 each from GEO Foundation or from GGTrust. The difference is that GGTrust shares could earn dividends, while GEO shares could possibly be obtained by a donation thru a 501c3 corporation, with dividends of matching shares donated by GGTrust. For a limited time, you may receive BOTH types of shares, thus doubling your shares value!
  2. Purchasers of 1-9 shares of GGTrust will receive a Certificate of Financial Interest in GGTrust, and Special Founder’s Edition GEO Share Certificates
  3. Purchases of 10-40 shares will receive a Certificate of Financial Interest and one 10 Share Silver Coin for each10 shares purchased.
  4. Purchases of 50 shares or more will receive a Certificate of Financial Interest in GGTrust, one silver 10 share coin, and a 1/10th gram Aurum 50 share note for each 50 shares.
  5. Purchases of 100 shares or more will receive a Certificate of Financial Interest in GGTrust, one silver 10 share coin, and a 1/10th gram Aurum 100 share note for each 100 shares.
  6. Dividends of cash or matching shares may be issued at benchmarks in the growth of GGCurrency system:
    1. When shares are purchased
    2. At launch of the currency system
    3. When shares issued reach predetermined amounts.

Return On Investment

GEO is not a profit-making venture, but investors will be able to use the Shares that they own to invest in GGTrust projects. We believe that GGTrust has some projects with very good ROIs, up to 100%. Investors may also receive dividends based on GEO sales.

Crowd Funding Investment Rewards Chart

  $5a $5b $10a $10b $10c $20a $20b $20c $30 $50 $100 $500 $1000a $1000b $10,000
Refrigerator Magnet X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Key Chain X X X X X X
Coffee Mug X X X X X X X
T-Shirt X X X X X
Cap X X X X X X
Certificate of Financial Interest X X X X X X X
Special Founders Edition 1/10 Share Note X X X X X X X X X X X
Special Founders Edition 1 Share Note X X X X X X X X
Special Founders Edition 10 Share Note X X X X
Silver 10 Share Coin X X X X X
Aurum 50 Share Note X X
Aurum 100 Share Note X X X
Pre-Launch Mining License X
Post-Launch Mining Kit X

How we spend the money

Please see Implementation Plan

1. Preliminary Funding

a. Website Costs—web hosting and crowdfunding costs

b. Legal costs $20,000

c. Entity Creation

d. SEC Relations

e. Fundraising costs

2. Phase I costs—Currency Definition

a. Coding                         $75,000

b.                      $5,000

c. Ethereum/GEO Summit $50,000

d. Website                           $5,000

e. Educational Materials $10,000

Total                                  $145,000

3. Initial Currency Production Costs for Fundraising

a. Currency Design and Printing Costs

b. Coin Minting Costs

c. Aurum Printing Costs

4. Phase II Costs

a. Note Printing            $95,500

b. New Zealand Bank  $68,000

c. Capital for Bank       $100,000


Total                               $263,800


Local Currency Production and Operations: $70,000

Total costs for two local currencies and exchange centers, Bank, software, and currency: $650,000

Total costs Phases I – III

Phase I: Currency Definition $145,000
Crowdfunding Fees $165,000
Assets to back currency $100,000
Phase II: Currency and International Bank $163,800
Phase III: Local Currencies and Exchange Centers $69,600
Total Phases I-III $643,400


Assets beyond that level are invested in precious metals and other assets to provide a stable backed currency.