Working with clients, we came up with a set of very interesting characteristics for a Private Annuity Contract. I will post some of our characteristics here--see if you have more that you want to add, or disagree with our list.

Annuities contract desired features

1. Tax free funding from US
2. Generate 10% income per year
3. Option of small current payment followed by larger deferred payments (to account for large assets sent)
4. Option of withdrawing assets, with penalty
5. Management fee?
6. Option of steering investment into various projects or investments.
7. Option of paying out to beneficiaries after death.
8. Option of loans against the asset balance which might decrease the total amount paid out.
9. Option of withdrawing part of the funds to do own investments
10. Option of putting the asset into a trust which is then managed for the annuitant
a. Could put houses, etc into that trust
b. Easier to leave to beneficiaries and heirs

1. Whole asset amount is wired to bank owned by Nevis LLC/IBC
2. Contract is returned to the Annuitant for signature.
3. Annuity is placed into a trust.
a. Trust may be revocable.
b. Nevis corp acts as trustee
4. Annuitant receives monthly annuities of3,000, which puts him in a very low tax rate.
5. Annuitant receives a deferred annuity of, for example, 30,000 per month, after 20 years. (to appear to use up the total value of the annuity and thus meet IRS requirements ).
6. Additional funds, if needed, can be sent to an offshore bank account accessible by anonymous debit card.
7. Balance of the account can be invested to produce 10% per year return.
8. Principle may be used as collateral for a loan to purchase real estate, or for other purposes.
9. Real estate can be put into a revocable trust, and managed by GGT on behalf of the annuitant or other beneficiary.
10. Penalty for withdrawing asset from GGT will be payment of management fee of 7% the first year, decreasing by 1% per year until no penalty shall be exacted after the 7th year.
11. Contract may be modified in writing upon agreement by annuitant and obligor.
12. upon death of the annuitant, Beneficiar(ies) may receive the balance on the account as a death benefit payment, or the annuity may be transferred to them, or a combination of the two based on negotiation with the obligor.