GG Mining purposes are as follow:

  • To acquire mining districts in Ecuador and Peru.
  • To set an example of environmentally friendly mining practice.
  • To use new innovative processing technologies.
  • To provide investors exceptional returns on investments.

Social responsibility starts by taking the extra step in every possible detail that involves the entire mining operation – from being sure everyone is well informed to making sure all environmental protection mechanisms are well put in place.

In Ecuador and Peru it means paying international wages vs. just the local minimum wages.

Environmentally Friendly Mining? Let’s face it, mining is a major industrial process, and mining and environmental awareness seem to be at odds. But, there are ways in which an area can be carefully mined, and afterwards, restored to a condition at least as beautiful, clean, and productive as it was when the mining was started.

We are all very concerned about daily damage that is being done to our delicate eco-system. Based in Ecuador, GGT was born out of the question of how to help Ecuadorians make best ecological responsible use of their natural resources.

Ecuador poses great mining and forest resources, resources that can be tapped, but it must be done in a conscientious way – with respect for the very fragile environment. In many cases, all it takes is proper planning, and small changes to the ad-hoc accustomed way of exploiting natural resources with no concern whatsoever to the long-term outcome. Even simply things, as wiping grease out of machine before entering a river, are rarely ever done.

In addition to the enormous contamination that is unnecessarily being done to the rivers, there is also indiscriminate cutting of virgin forest; peoples lives are quite often put in danger, child labor is quite common from this practice. This can be stopped by providing these men jobs in the mining sector. Mining technologies that have been available for over fifteen years have not been heard of. This is but one example of a change that can be quickly implemented that will yield a positive change to both people and the planet.

Clearly, serious changes are needed for the survival of human life on this planet. We see it that these are problems that can easily be solved with proper ways of management, education, investment and state-of-the-art technology. GGT is committed to a large global vision of initiating these changes, through the exisitng infratructure, and through banning together with a global network of innovative problem-solvers, who are well able and willing to meet these challenges.

This principle: Leaving the earth as good or better than before is our first and foremost intention.

Sometimes, proven gold reserves can be used in commercial transactions without removing the gold from the ground. We will always consider this an option.

Most of the toxic damage to the environment can be avoided by avoiding those deposits with toxic heavy metal deposits, like arsenic. 5% of a mine should not be mined, for that reason. Having a laboratory on-site and functioning at all times is necessary to find out which areas contain toxins, so they can be avoided.

Mercury is used in large amounts in most small-scale mining throughout the world. In one small mine in our mining area, they use a ton of mercury each year! Most of this is vaporized into the environment, to fall with rain on the land. Much of it is also found in the rivers, which form the headwaters of the Amazon. One drop of mercury will contaminate a million gallons of water—think about what a ton from each mine will do!

Mercury can be avoided by modern mining techniques. Mercury can also be physically removed from deposits where it collects in the rivers, and can be chemically removed from the bodies of the miners and their families, where it causes mental retardation and other disorders. GG Mining is committed to this clean-up process.

Careful planning of the mining site will prevent contamination of rivers with tailings, leachate, and other materials. Preplanning will also begin the preparations for the final disposition of the mining site years down the road.

Most mining communities in South America are nothing more than frontier shanty towns. GG Mining will construct real communities for the miners and their families, with schools, environmentally friendly waste treatment facilities, gardens, and markets. It is our every intention to make these communities enviable places to live, and environmental showcases for the country, and the world.

From the mining revenues, 7% is earmarked for the Ecology Restoration/Social Fund, providing reforestation in the surrounding mountains, and financial support of social issues in the mining and other communities.