Our Mission

We invest our assets in order to first, provide the highest good for all, and second, provide a generous return on investment. We actively seek to recognize new and innovative solutions for problems, and facilitate the implementation of the best of these solutions. We operate from a system of Open Management, allowing the best ideas to be adopted for action.

We provide a creative bridge between the nonstop exploitation of natural resources and the need to protect our delicate environment, while earning high profit for the GGT shareholders.

We accomplish this by proper advance planning, by the use of new alternative technologies and by constant consideration and direct investment in the protection of forest and endangered species. We work to create the societal and legislative framework in which new technologies and sustainable life styles prosper.

We provide initial high-yield investment returns through innovative financial processes, mid-term high returns through gold mining, and long term returns through energy sales, transportation services, and innovative technologies in pharmaceuticals and alternative energy.

We maintain and develop our leading edge capabilities by attracting global genius minds, individuals that excel in their fields, who are very open-minded to research and implement non-conventional technologies.