Introducing the GEO!

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The staff of GGTrust has, by consensus, decided on a name for the new GGCurrency.

The Geo!

We went through a lot of different suggestions, looking at some of these factors:

Attributes that we considered:

Earth: Earth, Terra, Gaia, Sophia, Pachamama, Geo

Multicultural: Rainbows,

Yin/Feminine:  See Earth names. Magdalenas

Wealth, money, prosperity

You can see more examples of what we considered below.

Anyway, we decided on the GEO.  Geo does not have a specific feminine connotation, but it does refer to the Earth, which has lots of other feminine names, like Terra, Pachamama, Gaia, Sophia, Ceres, Demeter, etc.  I think we would have liked the Terra better, but Bernard Lietaer already has that name copyrighted, and we will probably use his Terra coin in our system anyway.  So, Terra and Geo are both Earth names which go together.

I get to go thru this website now and change most of the GGCurrencies to GEO.  We expect that the international currency designation (Like USD for US Dollar and EUR for Euro) will be GGG.

So, Welcome the GEO!

Here are some of the other names and considerations which you might like to see:

Cowries–Symbol of Feminine.  Ancient form of money


Earth Bucks


Earth Dollars




Gaias  (Female goddess of the Earth)

GGGaias, or GGG


Geo Currency

Geo Money

Geo Dollars

Geo.  GGGeo


Tesla Currency (name denoting “cutting edge”)







Smart Money or another name related to “Genius”


Hathor–Egyptian divine Feminine symbol, Earth Mother symbol, Cow goddess, pictured with many horns, and horns represented wealth.


ISIS–Egyptian symbol of Divine Feminine, but probably too politically charged


Magdalenas (Signifies: Wise woman, Bride of Jesus, Female Consort of Male King, Balancer of Male Power, Female Wisdom, Female Power, Challenges the Male (Sanhedrin) Paradigm, representative of the Divine Feminine)

    Pro:  Positive symbol for Gnostics and New Agers.  New name for money.  Strongly symbolic of the Divine Feminine.  Less symbology of Great Mother archetype

    Con:  Hard to say.  Catholics think of prostitute.


Terras (Great name, but Bernard already has a currency with that name, and it would get confusing.)

Terra Money

TerraBills  (I like it, but too close to being negative (TERRIBLE!).  And probably does not translate well)

Terra Bux



Rainbow Bills

Rainbow Money


Sophias    (Gnostic creator of the Earth/Earth Spirit)



Pachamamas        (Inka Earth Goddess)

Pachamama Pesetas (Nice onomatapoeia)

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