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Update on Digital Currency Course

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I wanted to tell you that I have completed the online graduate level course Introduction to Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus).  This is the first course in their Masters of Science course in the same subject.  I certainly learned a lot!

I wanted to share my certificate with you, and my accomplishment was also recorded in the Bitcoin blockchain (see the second document below).

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Download [2.05 MB]

That means that proof of this documentation is permanently stored in the blockchain–the digital record of ALL Bitcoin transactions.  We expect that our new currency, the GEO, will also use blockchain technology like the Bitcoin.

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Download [294.03 KB]

I invite you to take this free course next time it comes around.  You can see more about the course HERE and even read the course materials from my course HERE.

Dan Ecklund, MD


Global Genius Trust

Introducing the GEO!

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The staff of GGTrust has, by consensus, decided on a name for the new GGCurrency.

The Geo!

We went through a lot of different suggestions, looking at some of these factors:

Attributes that we considered:

Earth: Earth, Terra, Gaia, Sophia, Pachamama, Geo

Multicultural: Rainbows,

Yin/Feminine:  See Earth names. Magdalenas

Wealth, money, prosperity

You can see more examples of what we considered below.

Anyway, we decided on the GEO.  Geo does not have a specific feminine connotation, but it does refer to the Earth, which has lots of other feminine names, like Terra, Pachamama, Gaia, Sophia, Ceres, Demeter, etc.  I think we would have liked the Terra better, but Bernard Lietaer already has that name copyrighted, and we will probably use his Terra coin in our system anyway.  So, Terra and Geo are both Earth names which go together.

I get to go thru this website now and change most of the GGCurrencies to GEO.  We expect that the international currency designation (Like USD for US Dollar and EUR for Euro) will be GGG.

So, Welcome the GEO!

Here are some of the other names and considerations which you might like to see:

Cowries–Symbol of Feminine.  Ancient form of money


Earth Bucks


Earth Dollars




Gaias  (Female goddess of the Earth)

GGGaias, or GGG


Geo Currency

Geo Money

Geo Dollars

Geo.  GGGeo


Tesla Currency (name denoting “cutting edge”)







Smart Money or another name related to “Genius”


Hathor–Egyptian divine Feminine symbol, Earth Mother symbol, Cow goddess, pictured with many horns, and horns represented wealth.


ISIS–Egyptian symbol of Divine Feminine, but probably too politically charged


Magdalenas (Signifies: Wise woman, Bride of Jesus, Female Consort of Male King, Balancer of Male Power, Female Wisdom, Female Power, Challenges the Male (Sanhedrin) Paradigm, representative of the Divine Feminine)

    Pro:  Positive symbol for Gnostics and New Agers.  New name for money.  Strongly symbolic of the Divine Feminine.  Less symbology of Great Mother archetype

    Con:  Hard to say.  Catholics think of prostitute.


Terras (Great name, but Bernard already has a currency with that name, and it would get confusing.)

Terra Money

TerraBills  (I like it, but too close to being negative (TERRIBLE!).  And probably does not translate well)

Terra Bux



Rainbow Bills

Rainbow Money


Sophias    (Gnostic creator of the Earth/Earth Spirit)



Pachamamas        (Inka Earth Goddess)

Pachamama Pesetas (Nice onomatapoeia)

Ending the Ownership of Money

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 This article from INTERNATIONAL MAN describes the progress of the war against cash and how it is playing out thus far in Ecuador.

As is now common knowledge, some of the world’s most powerful countries are insolvent due to ever-increasing sovereign debt. At this point, the economies are being held together through only one factor: continued faith in the currency by the average citizen. As soon as that faith disappears, the economies will crash.

Not surprisingly, the leaders of these countries and their close associates (particularly the banks) are actively seeking means by which they can escape the effects of the crisis they have created and still retain some sort of control.

For some time, I’ve predicted that one way in which they will accomplish this will be the elimination of cash, that in order to prevent a run on the banks in which the average citizen simply removes his money from the system, such a removal would be made impossible by ending the existence of bank notes. It would be replaced with an electronic currency system, so that the only “cash” that exists is a credit in a bank account.

When this prediction was first suggested, it seemed to many to be both alarmist and ridiculous. Mankind has always had hard currency in some form, something physical that could be held in the hand. But with computerisation, the elimination of physical currency is possible.

Banks, with the support of legislation, can require that all transactions (even the purchase of a candy bar) be electronically performed by the account holder. Once this has been achieved, two other advantages (to the bank, not to the account holder) become possible.

First, paper currency can be eliminated, which assures that, no matter how bad things get, account holders can’t remove their cash from the bank and stuff it in a mattress at home, since no physical cash exists. Second, banks could then charge account holders interest for their savings accounts, since transactions could take place only through the banks.

Now the concept of electronic currency is no longer the stuff of fairy tales. Most of the world’s governments have passed laws restricting the amount of cash an individual might use. Those who use cash over the designated amount are, in some cases, harassed or even investigated (generally for money laundering or drug dealing).

Ecuador’s War on Cash

In December 2014, Ecuador instituted its Sistema de Dinero Electrónico (SDE), the world’s first government-controlled electronic monetary system. (Other countries have electronic banking systems, but they are not state run.) And it is US-dollar based.

Back in 2000, Ecuador adopted the US dollar as its official currency, dumping the sucre, which, as a result of hyperinflation, had become devalued to the point of 25,000 to one US dollar. So, the Ecuadoran government scheme will be dollar based.

The system is being promoted as a new, easier way to make payments (either by card or cell phone), eliminating the need to carry cash and making it harder for thieves to steal.

It is also being touted as a way to benefit the poor, although no reasons are being offered as to why this might be so. (If this were their true goal, Quito officials might instead allow for competing private-sector systems, to drive down costs.)

The system is being introduced piecemeal. At present, you can pay for a taxi and some services with the SDE, as well as send money between individuals. By year’s end, it will be possible to pay your taxes with it.

To date, each of the steps taken by Ecuador follow the playbook as I originally put forward. Should Ecuador continue to follow the prediction, when the SDE reaches the point that virtually everyone in the country has an account and is making the majority of their payments by either a debit card or cell phone, the government will announce that paper currency is to be eliminated.

The explanation given at the time might be that cash would no longer be necessary and would be a drain on the economy. (Ecuador spends three million dollars annually replacing worn-out bills.)

Sceptics both within and outside of Ecuador have suggested that the new system may simply be a way of dumping the dollar, but, if anything, the Ecuadoran government is enhanced by the continued use of the dollar.

First, the dollar has allowed relatively low inflation and low interest rates. Second, the dollar is less likely to hyperinflate than a reinstated sucre. Third, the sceptics are overlooking the fact that, once the dollar is electronic only, Ecuador never need buy dollars again. The electronic dollar would be a dollar in name only. In reality, it would not exist. It would be an electronic concept.

(That last bit will take some getting used to, not only in Ecuador, but worldwide.)

Monkey See, Monkey Do

As Ecuador demonstrates the workability of its electronic system, I believe that neighbouring countries will jump on the bandwagon quickly. Each government will say to itself, “Government control of all monetary transactions? Where do we sign up?”

An additional benefit will be the apparent stability of the US dollar. As long as the dollar holds up, governments like Ecuador (and other countries, such as Uruguay and Argentina, that use the dollar as a second currency) will gladly base deposits in dollars.

So, that covers the larger, critically indebted countries, plus the Third-World countries. What of the smaller, prosperous countries whose currencies are presently sound?

It’s entirely possible that smaller, more stable countries, such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong, will get on board with the electronic system. They’ll need to, in order to continue international banking.

However, if their own currencies are stable, there’s no real reason for them to eliminate their own currencies for local usage. These currencies may therefore continue, although there’s the danger that either the banks (realising that they can only charge interest on deposits, not on cash kept at home) or governments (who, above all, seek control over their people and recognise monetary control as a primary control) may very well opt to eliminate paper currency.

But is the loss of physical currency really such a bad thing? After all, the elimination of cash does create convenience and might just limit theft in the world to some degree.

Yes, it is indeed quite a bad thing. The overriding effect that the elimination of cash will have on people will be that they will lose their freedom of monetary movement. They will be subject to government and banking surveillance of every transaction and, increasingly, will be subject to legislation that limits currency movement.

Once this point is reached, governments will be free to move to a stage in which they declare that money is not the possession of the individual or company. It’s the possession of the government and the government “allows” the public to use its currency in order to conduct commerce. As such, individuals and companies had best “behave,” or they might find the privilege taken away and the money confiscated.

Of course, the reader may well find this final step to be beyond the pale, even for today’s overreaching governments. Just a year ago, the very concept of a War on Cash itself was considered to be a mere fantasy, yet we are already clearly transitioning into the End of Cash.

And So…

And so, anyone who wishes to retain control of his own economic life will soon be facing the realisation that:

  1. All currency (in most, if not all countries) may soon be held solely in banks and transacted solely through banks.
  2. All currency that is in banks will be subject to bank and government scrutiny, increasing bank and governmental controls and limitations and possible confiscation and increased taxation.
  3. All wealth that remains within the control of the individual will be wealth that is held in a non-currency form and held outside banks.

The field for such ownership is becoming increasingl

y limited. It consists primarily of precious metals and real estate, and even those stores of wealth are truly safe only if located in a jurisdiction that is not on the verge of insolvency and whose government is both stable and relatively benign.

Such jurisdictions do exist, but “cash,” as it exists today, must be moved out of hazardous jurisdictions and converted to a safer form of wealth protection before the final legislations have been passed, making cash illegal.

Editor’s Note: We’ve discovered one of the easiest and most convenient ways to own and store physical gold and silver offshore (in places like Singapore and Switzerland in a non-bank private vault). Find out how you can internationally diversify your precious metals by downloading this guide.

Elites’ Goal of Cashless Society Has Started War on Cash

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This is a good, but comprehensive (long!) interview with an economist Gordon T. Long, about why nations are devolving into a cash-free society. Basically, it gives them control of lots of pockets of money, like the cash in your pocket or the contents of pension funds. Nations are going broke, so they have to control every last bit of YOUR money.

Cash also prevents countries from going into negative interest rate territory.  If people can use cash instead of paying banks to store their currency, then they would not use banks anymore–they would start using their mattress, or a safe at home.  And negative currency rates are where some countries are now.

I recommend the first 20 minutes or so. If you really want to get into it, it lasts about an hour.

Turns Out There’s Already Competition In The Gold-Backed Currency Space

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by John Rubino on June 9, 2015

The splash that BitGold made recently by buying GoldMoney led many (including this writer) to assume that the Canadian start-up was pioneering the gold-backed currency space. But it turns out that Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank already allows non-US customers to buy gold and/or silver, store it for free with Australia’s Perth Mint, and then use a debit card to spend it.

Among Euro Pacific’s claimed advantages: Unlike physical bullion, the wealth in this account is totally portable: “Clients maintain access to their purchasing power despite whatever local capital restrictions or government controls may be imposed. If you want to leave the country there’s no need to travel with physical metal holdings when card access is available,” says Schiff.

It allows clients to create their own personal gold standard without waiting for their governments. And they can do so “in complete privacy.”

An upgrade is coming. “Later this year we launch our improved service, which will allow 24/7 gold buys in multi-currencies for less than 1% commission, and free storage. Clients will be able to access their holdings using their debit cards as they do now, just easier and at lower cost, as well as transfer gold directly to other clients or merchants, like a PayPal for gold. However, our clients will also be able to sell gold for cash and wire proceeds directly to third parties, or use their gold as immediate credit to purchase stocks and bonds on exchanges around the world. When they sell stocks or receive dividends they can opt to receive those payments in gold too. It’s a complete platform for commerce and investment based on gold, yet giving clients seamless access to the larger fiat world.”

For more on Schiff’s response to the emergence of BitGold, see Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Comments from some of the first people to read our site

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We are grateful to two friends from Europe who have accepted our request for feedback about our new website.  Here are some of their comments:

Ali from the UK says:


How wonderful to get your information on the GGTrust Global Currency initiative! I absolutely agree with your comment about this being Divinely inspired. As soon as I first came across information from Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock (late 2011), it absolutely dawned on me as to how much humanity is being held hostage by the global finance system and hence how important the Global Finance Reset and Global Currency Reset are. Hence it was divine synchronicity to come across GGTrust, volunteer to help and then to start receive information about the RV and GCR from you… Thank you so!

I have dedicated this morning to reading information on and related to the GGTurst Global Current initiative, subscribed to the newsletter, made a small donation ($50 – where I see 5 as signifying humanity and 0 for source… hopefully lots more to come soon, once RV finally released…), more reading planned and am pondering as to how best I may contribute.

I am guided to introduce myself a little more to you – I am a Lightworker and way-shower and know who and what I am (and hopefully can share more of this as and when appropriate).

I will certainly hold the intention that this GGTrust Global Currency initiative proceeds in a way that is for the Highest Good of All.

In the meantime, initial feedback as follows:

  • Whilst I wouldn’t say that I fully understood it all at first read, I found the information presented to be well structured and organised and very thought-provoking as to how different our currency systems could be and how they can better serve us and underpin humanity.
  • To me, the intended finance system reset (clearly underway/ nearing completion) is the critical first stage (followed by the release of much needed abundance for us all) and the GGTrust vision for a complete new currency system is a powerful way of it being manifested (given that we all co-create our world).
  • I am sure that I have read or heard of channeled references to ‘Rainbow’ currency, if you want a better, more embracing name. Equally, I am sure that the new system is a temporary steppingstone to a moneyless, Galactic society….
  • [Here she shared some links that did not work, so we could fix them.  Thanks, Ali!!!]
  • Great information about kinesiology – I happened across a way to test on yourself, which removes the need for another person – though I guess you have to be careful not to allow the brain to interfere with the test. It seems to have stood me in good stead so far.
  • Working with the Universal Laws and carefully considering all aspects from an energetic level are important factors for this (and any other highly transformative) New World project.
  • Pareto’s Law also came to mind (the 80:20 rule –, so I wondered if that was worth considering and leveraging in some way in the models that are developed.
  • And in pondering this email further, it dawns on me that models based on Sacred Geometry (which underpins the natural laws of creation) would be the most powerful.
  • A thought popped into my head when I was reading about the WIR as to a possible marketplace in which a local currency could have its place, with a suitable model – eBay. Here there is a lot of use of eBay, selling personal items to raise funds and buying items from retailers at discount prices – surely there is a model that could be developed that leads to a win-win-win for eBay, buyers and sellers – or their competitors? Bringing the advantages of a local currency to all within an existing ‘marketplace’ or community would perhaps be the quickest and most effective way of getting traction (and exposure to the idea of using such a currency).
  • I hadn’t looked at the Soul of Money presentation, which I did this morning and which nicely consolidated and built on materials I had read on the web site yesterday – getting it a second time in a different format (I love creating and using dynamic PowerPoints!) really helped me to understand and digest more of the information.
  • I have spent some time with ‘Our Vision’ content this morning, as that was what I felt prompted to do. I have made a number of comments on a Word form of the text, with the comments anchored to suitable points in the text. Please accept them with the positive intention that they are communicated to you – equally I will not be offended if they do not resonate with you. If you like what I have communicated and want me to expand any comments or suggestions or tweak the existing text (using the suggestions), then I would be delighted to do so.

I hope that this is of help. Please let me know you receive it okay.

Wishing you much success!  Ali

Sandrea from France shared this with us:

Greetings Dr. Dan,

Thank you for sharing information on the project you have been working on!  Huge endeavor with so much information.

Still going through sections and reading, need a sherpa lol!  Impressive and comprehensive, taking my time and reviewing reading.

I find the graph’s helpful.  Thank you for all the work you and your partners are doing!

Yes Divine!



Thanks to Ali and Sandrea for their feedback.  I need to go back and go over that list of suggestions from Ali again!

Dr Dan

More Criminals Join Bitcoin Startups

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Several of the leading silver market manipulators from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and others of the Big Four banks, along with former UST Secretary Larry Summers and a former CEO of the US Bankster’s chief financial organization that you probably have never heard of called DTCC are suddenly and inexplicably joining cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) ventures. This suggests that as the current monetary system collapses, that the Cabal is poised to take over the new Cryptocurrency monetary system. See the letter from Bix Weir below.


If you have not yet seen it, watch the interview about the video that History Channel did with Bix Weir about DTCC—and then were afraid to air! NO ONE owns stocks anymore! They are all owned by the DTCC! Check it out at the link below.


From Bix Weir of

More Criminals Join Bitcoin Start-ups
There seems to be a trend starting in the Bitcoin infrastructure. All the criminals from the past are emerging and embedding themselves into Bitcoin start-ups. First it was Goldman Sachs, then Blythe Masters, then Larry Summers and announced today one of the key henchmen at the DTCC has made his move!

Ripple Appoints DTCC’s Former CEO as Advisor

“Digital currency startup Ripple Labs has appointed Donald Donahue, former CEO of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) as an advisor to the company.”

Let’s not forget the Mega-Conspiracy at the DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) that I talked extensively about over the past few years. My interview with Sean at now has over 250,000 views!

The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast

The addition of Donahue and Masters and Summers to the Bitcoin infrastructure guarantees that two things will happen in the future:

1) Bitcoin is a major part of the PLANNED future of money

2) Our battles against the Bad Guys will NOT end after the fiat monetary system implodes.

But life is like that…once you succeed at one challenge – you are presented with another.

Luckily, we know  how they like to play and have caught on early.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – *Buy my book as it tells you all about who, how, why and WHEN!

The Book: “Silver, Gold, Bitcoin…and God!”

War on Cash Hits the “Least Cabal Nation” in South America

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Most readers probably don’t know much at all about Uruguay.  Located in Southern South America, Uruguay is known for having the “world’s poorest president”, Jose Mujica, who lives in a rundown one-bedroom house he has shared with his wife of more than 30 years and his three legged dog, and his lifestyle is a far cry from other world leaders.  He reportedly earns around $12,000 a year and donates 90 per cent of it to charity.  Mujica refuses to use the transportation that the government provides for him, preferring his own ancient Volkswagen bug, and waits in lines for public health care like his countrymen.

The popular leader not only legalised gay marriage, abortion and marijuana, but unlike most politicians seems widely liked by his own people and many others.  So, it was surprising to get this letter from a foreigner living in Uruguay, showing that the country is following the lockstep anti-cash plan of the global banksters:

I just read something alarming from a forum.  It reads:

  1. The carrot and the stick–A while back, a new law made it possible for you to receive a discount of up to 4% if you paid by credit card.  That was the carrot.

    Now comes the stick. The new law make the use of cash illegal in some cases.  This law was supposed to have gone into effect on June 1st, but has now been delayed, so as to have everything ready when it takes effect.  Beginning on December 1, 2015, rent payments for more than $10.500 (pesos) per month MUST be paid into a bank account, not in cash.  Where necessary, rental agreements must be amended to reflect this fact.In addition, payments for possessions (Bienes) MUST also be paid into a bank account, and not paid in cash, if the total is equal or greater than U$S 4.580.

    Land and vehicles are a special case.  There the limit is also U$S 4.580,00, but these must be paid with a Letra de Cambio or a Cheque Certificado Cruzado.  You may be familiar with the 2 little diagonal lines in the upper left-hand corner of checks, which mean that such checks may not be paid out in cash, and this rule applies here as well–checks must have the 2 diagonal lines in the upper left-hand corner.

    The usual checks will be able to be used for payments for operations and such up to
    U$S 18.280–larger amounts must also be transferred directly to bank accounts.

    There will ultimately be a 11 companies where checks and other instruments can be purchased.  For now, Red Pagos, Anda, and NRL are the first to provide this service.

    One article about these changes was in El Pais at

As the writer of this letter pointed out,the government offers a discount if you use a credit card.  I am not sure how they can give such a discount, since using a credit card in most countries incurs a financing charge of around 3%.  (In the US and many First World nations, this charge is paid by the merchant.  In Third World nations, the financing charge is paid by the customer.)  How can the government mandate a 4% discount?  This is a total savings of 3+4=7% to get customers to use electronic money instead of paper currency.

I found it interesting that there are checks (in the USA?) which have special markings so that they cannot be redeemed for cash, but only deposited in a bank account!  And in Uruguay, the use of negotiable checks is being reduced to only eleven companies in the country!

I guess that the lesson is that even if you have a populist leader who bends over backwards to not take extra benefits from the government, ultimately the Banksters who control the global monetary system get their way in your country.  The War against Cash continues to pull all money under the digital control of the Globalists.

Ron Paul–More Battles In The War Against Cash

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I thought you might enjoy this 15 minute video from my favorite gynecologist/presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul.  He brings up several of the recent attacks on the poor by law makers, who have done things like make it illegal to buy second hand good with cash!!!  So, if you are homeless or working poor with no bank account, you cannot buy anything at Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul, or a pawn shop!  Who does that make sense to?  Why pick on the already disadvantaged to cut their financial options down even more?!?!  Maybe the Louisiana lawmakers figure that there are no poor people in their state?  Yeah, right.

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