Historically, cultures that used a money system different from the one we use today  lived centuries of unprecedented prosperity, health, and cultural progress.

By changing the types of money we use, we can shape our economy and our society to benefit all.


Our current global money system is a mess.  

This is not just due to the inability of world and national economists to control the system. The problems are more basic than that.

The very money we use is a major factor. All national money in use today is of the same type, and this type of money has intrinsic characteristics which cause many of the global and local financial issues, such as:

  • Wealth is sucked up and transferred to governments and the wealthy
  • Competition instead of cooperation.
  • Short term thinking
  • Gender inequality
  • Scarcity and greed mentality, instead of abundance and prosperity

Historically, cultures that used different money systems reversed these issues, and lived centuries of unprecedented prosperity, health, and cultural progress.

By changing the types of money we use, we can shape our economy and our society to benefit all.

We offer a new system, which has some definite benefits. Some of them are:

  • Wealth stays in local communities, rather than being sucked up by cities and governments.
  • increased prosperity at the local level primarily, and in the users of the system generally
  • An increased sense of community and cooperation
  • Privacy in money transactions
  • Removal of the necessity of using banks for money transactions and savings
  • Decreased cost of money transactions
  • Removal of governmental restrictions and interference in money transactions
  • Stability in the international economy
  • Long-term thinking in economic decision making
  • Asset backing, giving stability to the currency
  • Increased balance in the male-female dynamic in our societies
  • Many of the benefits of the new cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin

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Money is an agreement to use something as a medium of exchange. Currency is money in circulation. Many things have been used as money and as currency, and several different money systems have been developed.

Based on how money systems affect the human psyche, they can be divided into Yang money types, and Yin money types. All of the current national money forms are fiat currency, which is a type of Yang money. Yang money tends to activate certain characteristics including protection, hording, competition, scarcity and control.

Many complementary currencies are Yin money types, which activate other characteristics such as cooperation, community, and abundance. Complementary currencies work best not as a total replacement of the national money system, but in a complementary role, alongside the strong yang money.

Yang vs Yin Money

Yang vs Yin MoneyYin-type complementary currencies have allowed the communities which use them to have islands of prosperity in the midst of international depression, and even in normal economic times, to enjoy economic prosperity 75% greater than the surrounding region.

Other money systems, such as cryptocurrencies, can be used along with national money and local currencies in a whole ecosystem of currencies. This provides a more resilient money system, without the booms and crashes we experience today.

GGTrust proposes a system of Yin-type local currencies to increase local prosperity and community. We also propose an international yin-type currency which will complement the current Yang fiat money and the coming inernational gold-backed money system. We believe that our GEO currency will increase prosperity for those who use it, preserve freedom and privacy, encourage long term thinking, balance the cycles of global economics, and increase gender balance, cooperation and community. It will include the positive characteristics of Yang money, most of the characteristics of Yin money, and selected new opportunities from cryptocurrencies.

Requirements of our Currency System

We invite you to learn more about money, different types of currency, the effects of different types of money on human behavior, and how the GEO currency system will promote the global changes that you want to see.


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