Geo Currency Introduction.    This is a 15 minute PowerPoint Presentation of a summary of the full The Soul of Money presentation described below.  Includes Types of Money, Some Roles of Complementary Currencies, Types of Dollars, Types of GEO.  Archived on Google Drive for download.  Please do not view on Google Drive, as the Google software does not present it properly.  Best to download it and view it as a Slide Show on PowerPoint.  If you need a PowerPoint player, you can get one HERE.

GEO Introduction-Short.  This is a 3 minute short introduction to the GEO currency, telling WHY we have created it, but without many details.  Designed for those with less education, less interest, and less time.  You may view it on Google Drive, but it would be better viewed in SlideShow mode on a PowerPoint player.  If you need a PowerPoint player, you can get one HERE.

The Soul of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity.   This is the full 3 hour version of The Soul of Money, including money theory, Archetypal Psychology of Money, Societal Influences of Money, Effects of Money Types on Women and The Divine Feminine, Cultural Types and Money, Demurrage, Complementary Currencies, and more.  This is a PowerPoint Presentation archived on Google Drive, for download.  Please do not view on Google Drive, as the Google software does not present it properly.  It is much better viewed by downloading it, then viewing as a Slide Show on PowerPoint. If you need a PowerPoint player, you can get one HERE.

The Soul of Money PPT Presentation  Latest update archived on Dropbox, with limited downloads available.

Bernard Lietaer Website

GGCurrency Proposal Document, which discusses the principles behind the implementation of this currency.

Download here: GGCurrency Proposal

Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior


MONEY and its nature

A Brief History of Money  This is a slide show from a course in Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus.  A bit more clear and more professional than our part III.  Check it out, and see if you are interested in taking this free course as well.

More lessons from this course.

Hidden Secrets of Money. A great series about the past and current YANG money system (says nothing about Yin currency systems) by investor and gold bug Mike Malodey. I do disagree with his use of the terms Money and Currency. But a great series nonetheless.

  • Part 1,
  • Part 2,
  • Part 3,
  • Part 4 (The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind),
  • Part 5 (The Rise of Dictators via Economic Crises),
  • Part 6 (End Of USA Dominance: Nails In The Dollar Standard’s Coffin).

Complementary Currencies

Bernard Lietaer The Future of Money  Slide presentation, with transcript

Bernard Lietaer The Future of Money, Full Book

Balancing mutual credit and parity systems:


Free online course DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies  from a Master’s Degree program in Digital Currencies.

Lessons from this course. James Corbett discusses Bitcoin, alternative currencies, and the need for an integrated new currency system.

Andreas Antonopoulos—The Future of Cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin Basics (Part 1) – “Explained For Beginners”

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

How Bitcoin Works in 5 minutes

“Colored Coins”– Bitcoin 2.0




Disseminated Autonomic Organizations


Ripple Primer

Ripple Executive Summary for Financial Institutions

The purpose of money is to record value across a network of people.

Ripple consensus Whitepaper

New Digital Currency Aims to Unite Every Money System on Earth


Currencies with Intrinsic Value


Dan El Trade Notes

Shire Silver

Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound has a Pay by SMS system like in East Africa.


LETS—Local Exchange Trading Systems


Qoin implements, manages and supports community currencies around the world. Community currencies are instruments helping society to fulfil its needs. Together, we develop better communities with resilient economies.



 The Macro Stability of Swiss WIR Bank Spending: Balance, Velocity and Leverage (April, 2012)

James Stodder, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hartford, CT, USA;; (860) 548-7860

Bernard Lietaer, Center for Sustainable Resources, Univ. California Berkeley,

Abstract: Since 1934 the Swiss Wirtschaftsring (“Economic Circle”) or WIR Bank has issued its own reciprocal credits, not backed by Swiss Francs. Turnover in WIR+credits is shown to be highly counter-cyclical: firms are cash-short in a recession, and economize by greater use of WIR. A money in the production function (MIPF) model implies that this new spending arises mainly through increased credit Balances for larger firms, and increased credit Velocity for smaller ones. Panel data by industrial sector confirms this general pattern of WIR credits, a role similar to that of commercial trade credits, an important source of non+bank credit. The countercyclical multiplier on WIR expenditures will be highly leveraged.

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