Let’s learn how our money system affects human cultures and human behavior. 

Then, we have an opportunity to return to sustainability and prosperity through changing just one thing!

This summary will get you ready to learn more.

I. Where are we now?

The current money system is a mess. These problems are intrinsic to the very system that the world is now using. By changing the type of money we use, we can change many things about our economy and our society.

We offer a new system, which has some definite benefits. Some of them are:

  • Wealth stays in local communities, rather than being sucked up by cities and governments.
  • increased prosperity at the local level primarily, and in the users of the system generally
  • An increased sense of community and cooperation
  • Privacy in money transactions
  • Removal of the necessity of using banks for money transactions and savings
  • Decreased cost of money transactions
  • Removal of governmental restrictions and interference in money transactions
  • Stability in the international economy
  • Long-term thinking in economic decision making
  • Asset backing, giving stability to the currency
  • Increased balance in the male-female dynamic in our societies
  • Many of the benefits of the new cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin

Changing just one thing could cause massive benefits to global societies.


II. What is money?

Functions of Money:

How about a definition? “An agreement to use something as a medium of exchange”.

Types of Money

  • Commodity Money—Cigarettes, Cowries and Cows
  • Precious Metals
  • Representative Money—Bank receipts, potsherds and wafers
  • Fiat Money—All national money is Fiat money—made from nothing, backed by nothing.
  • Coins
  • Paper Money
  • Yin money types—Ostraca, Bracteaten, Scrip, Complementary Currencies
  • Electronic Money—Digital dollars, Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency—The good and the bad about Bitcoin. Using cryptocurrencies not just as media of speculation, but as media of exchange and stability.
  • Complementary Currencies—IF we didn’t need them, why do we have 4000 of them?
    • Scrip—Local paper money
    • Mutual Credit Systems—Anyone can play! No money needed!
    • Time/Dollar systems—Time is money!
    • Loyalty Currencies—Air miles, S&H Green Stamps,
    • Curitiba, Brazil—Increase the economy by 75% by using bus tokens and garbage
    • Worgl—Saved the local economy—until the central bank found out!
    • Swiss WIR Franc: 80 years of Stability (That no one knows about!)

Currency vs Money—Currency Circulates

  • Portable
  • Fungible
  • Divisible

Types of Currency

20+ types of US currency for the US Dollar

New Currency Types for GGCurrency

  • Aurum
  • Artisanal Currencies
  • Local Community Currencies

III. How could a money system change human behavior?


An archetype is a recurrent image that patterns human emotions and behavior, and which can be observed across time and cultures.

The Basic Archetypes dealing with Money

  • Sovereign—Integration
  • Warrior–Protection
  • Magician—Secrets and learning
  • Lover—Beauty, love, cooperation
  • Great Mother/Provider–Abundance


  • The shadow causes us to unconsciously express that which is hidden within us.
  • The function of the shadow is to bring repressed issues into consciousness by expressing them through our behavior.
  • What archetypes and shadows have in common is to predispose people to act in certain predictable ways.
  • Fear causes the shadow to split into Yin and Yang polarities

Major Yin and Yang Shadows of the Basic Archetypes

Archetype Yang Excess (Excess) Yin Excess (Deficit)
Sovereign Tyrant Weakling
Warrior Sadist Masochist
Lover Addict Impotent
Magician Apollo (Hyper-rational Dionysus (Indiscriminate)
Great Mother Greed Fear of Scarcity

 Yin money vs Yang Money

  • It is possible to change the way shadows express in our lives and in society by changing from scarcity and greed mindsets to an abundance mindset.
  • All national money today is Yang Money
  • Yang money has certain traits.
  • Yin money has other traits

Our system would remove the negative characteristics of yang currencies, and leave the positive.

And add these Yang traits to Yin money traits

Yang vs Yin Money

Yang vs Yin Money

Yang vs Yin Money

Requirements of our Currency System

Requirements of our Currency System

Changing The System

How this works

  • Archetypes expressing thru money type
  • Fiat Money Activating Male Archetypes
    • Sovereign
    • Warrior—can we see this????
    • Magician
  • Leaving the Yin archetypes unactivated
    • Lover
    • Great Mother/Provider
      • Greed vs Fear of Scarcity Describes our Society
      • Short term thinking—utilitarian projects instead of long term and beauty
      • Competition instead of cooperation

Change the type, change the archetype

Power vs Force – “Most important book in the decade.”

  • Causes and causality—Exist perpendicular to our reality
  • Chaos theory and attractors—Slums and slumness
  • Changing the system
    • Changing the vibes
    • Balancing the archetypes

IV. Currency Ecosystems—Efficiency vs Resilience

The current money system is inherently unstable

This instability activates the Magician archetype to come up with more and more complicated means of controlling the economy.

Efficiency vs Resilience

In the West, we focus on more and more efficiency, like a monocrop cornfield or pine plantation.  But a pine plantation is very susceptible to disease or fire.

Similarly high density animal feeding operations require constant antibiotic use to ward off infection.  Monocultures of anything are efficient, but not resilient.

Natural forests and other ecosystems have many species, interacting in a manner which protects against disease and natural forces, and provides resilience.

In the same way, our money system has only one type of money.

Wir Bank

Interest and Demurrage

Yin money societies

Requirements of our Currency System

V. Solutions

  • Create a system incorporating both Yang (financial capital) and Yin (social capital) currencies.
  • Back this money with assets.
  • Create the money as Assets, instead of Debits like the national currencies today.
  • Create the money in a number of interchangeable forms.
    • Digital
    • Paper Money
    • Local Currencies
    • Precious Metals
    • Cryptocurrencies
  • Create a Trade Reference Currency to balance business cycles
  • Use Demurrage on at least the Yin portions of the money
    • By the use of demurrage, it may be possible to increase the wealth of the community by more than TEN TIMES the original amount, just by using this small usage fee!
  • Use small discounts to make it easier to enter into the Yin currencies, and small charges to discourage exchanging out of the system.
  • Complementary currencies balance the current national fiat currencies


VI. Implementation

This money system has many different currencies to handle many aspects of the ideal currency system. Just like the US dollar has/has had more than 20 different currencies, GGCurrency will have different currencies for operating in different fields.

  • Cryptocurrency
    • Will be produced by cryptologic “mining”, which validates each transaction and creates a protected “blockchain” ledger of transactions. This is like the Bitcoin model.
    • Other shares of cryptocurrency will be created as an arbitrary initial block of currencies, to form a digital version of GGT Shares.
    • Ongoing creation of shares thru mining will be taxed in order to provide shares for those performing labor for the system.
    • Ethereum is a new computer language created especially for creating cryptocurrencies such as GGCurrency. Ethereum adds many advanced features to the system, such as escrow, conditional transactions, property transfers, and much more.
  • Paper Shares
  • Gold shares
  • Digital shares
  • Shares remaining uncirculated in the Treasury
  • Labor shares can be allocated by local exchange centers in exchange for labor performed for the community. They will come from a fee or tax on the creation of new shares (“mining”)
  • GGTrust Share Certificates will be used as a currency in the GGCurrency system.
  • International Terra-like Trade Reference Currency provide countercyclical balance to world trade.

A basket of physical assets and currencies will be used to back GGCurrency. This will give it value that fiat currencies do not have, and will prevent inappropriate creation of currency (inflation).

It is suggested that the initial value of a share of GGCurrency be approximately 10 US Dollars. This would represent an hour of human labor, and also the price to purchase a 1/10th gram Aurum note.

A fee to convert GGCurrency to national currency will tend to keep the GGCurrency in circulation, as will demurrage charges. A discount to convert national currency into local GGCurrency will also tend to bring value into the GGCurrency system.

Share Exchange centers will be established at the local community, region and national levels. They will assist in marketing and administering the system, training businesses and members, and assisting in the transfer of one form of currency into another.

Demurrage will be established on local currency to increase the velocity of its circulation. It may also be applied to the Trade Reference Currency.


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