What To Do Now

We believe that implementation of the GGCurrency System has the potential to alleviate many of the greatest problems of human existence.

Activating the Great Mother and Lover archetypes by implementing the GGCurrency and local currencies may be a significant impetus to global cultural change.  These changes can include increased prosperity, sustainability, love and community, higher status for women and better gender balance, increased health, harmony and happiness.

If you would like to help us to plant and nurture these new parts of a robust and healthy currency ecosystem, choose some action items from the following list.

What To Do Now

  1. Subscribe to this website – scroll all the way to the end of this page.
  2. Join the Forum and leave a note there.
  3. Make sure you read the Vision Statement. See if you align with our vision. If you do, let us know. If you don’t, please tell us how and why!
  4. Watch The Soul of Money presentation. Take your time, it is long. And please download it and view it in PowerPoint Presentation Mode (rather than just viewing the slide in the editor), as it is animated and will not appear properly in the editor.
  5. Consider reading the GGCurrency Proposal Whitepaper linked on the Resources page.  It can be long and sometimes tedious, but it will give you a deeper understanding of the thinking behind the currency design.
  6. Start or join a local currency MeetUp group and introduce them to this material. See if there is interest in starting a local currency.  If there is, contact us and contact Qoin about possibilities.
  7. Check out the Community Exchange System for more information and ideas.
  8. Check out Bernard Lietaer’s website and books for more ideas.
  9. Read Power vs Force.  Not much to do with currency, but it will change your life!
  10. Share some of your insights and impressions on the Forum.
  11. Read the GGCurrency Implementation Plan. Send us your suggestions for improvement.
  12. Consider volunteering to join our currency project team or a user support team.
  13. Consider taking a free online course DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies  from a Master’s Degree program in Digital Currencies.
  14. Design artwork or layout for our currency notes.
  15. Come up with a better name for GGCurrency.
  16. Create a logo for GGCurrency.
  17. Write a motto for GGCurrency.
  18. Consider a donation to or investment in our currency project.

Implementing the currency:

We have the following initial costs which need to be funded. Subsequent costs are discussed in the Implementation Plan:

!. Phase I Costs

  1. Consultation with Qoin to define and create the optimum local currency type to work within the Currency Ecosystem that we have discussed. We estimate this may take $5000 USD for the design phase and computer coding. This local currency can then be adapted to many different local sites.
  2. Ethereum coding of the cryptocurrency structure, function and processes. Estimated $75,000.
  3. Ethereum/GGCurrency summit to put a few Geniuses together to optimize the currency system design. Estimated cost $50,000
  4. Prepare educational programs and materials. Estimated cost $10,000
  5. Professional website, estimated cost $5,000
  6. Total $145,000

Some of these costs can be met by pre-sales of Aurum currency or other products, but it will take some investment to produce the Aurum currency itself. Read more about the Implementation Plan.