Ancient Technology

Though not accepted by many ‘traditional’ archeologists, evidence abounds of ancient technologies that surpass our own.  From the ability of ancient Egyptians and Incas to move stones that we cannot currently transport, and fit them together with precision that we cannot match, to underground cities off of Bimini, Cuba and Japan, to evidence in the Vedas and Egyptian pyramids of flying vehicles, stargates, and other technologies that we consider science fiction, to sources of energy and light that remain active after millennia, physical evidence and consistent written accounts are found all over the world.  Historical and anecdotal evidence of tunnel systems under South America, Tibet, and other regions, which are purportedly full of ancient technology, also abounds.

GG Ancient Tech has contacts with explorers in South America and other lands who have witnessed and recorded ancient advanced technologies.  Much of this seems to be associated with a prior civilization which had access to tunnel and cave system.  Juan Moritz, a Hungarian mining engineer, is one man who explored some of these caves in the 1970s, and though they were written about by several authors, they have never since been adequately explored.

GG Ancient Tech plans to mount expeditions, with modern equipment, to look for these caves and other technology sites.  Some of our contacts are growing old, so it is time to use their knowledge now!