Seed Bank

We plan for several seed banks, in the United States, Ecuador, and other places, to cryogenically preserve seeds from food plants, fiber plants, medicinal, herbs, and other plants.  We especially want to store seeds containing the genetic heritage from plant species and varieties which are being genetically modified and hybridized.  Genetic engineering from the United States is contaminating even the native species from which corn (maize) was developed in their native Mexico.  If we do not make a serious effort to preserve our food plants’ genetic heritage, we risk devastation to our current monoculture farming products from emergent viruses, pests, or genetic flaws.

Our seed banks will not only contain secured cryogenic storage, but also will contain protected dry storage for seeds that do not do as well in static storage, but need to be re-cycled through their growth cycle periodically in order to maintain viability and vitality.  We will thus have gardens and farms to produce, store, and distribute heirloom variety seeds, and will share in production and distribution of heirloom variety vegetable and other seeds among existing seed-share networks.

Like the governments of Norway and other nations, who have also set up seed banks as items of national security, we consider the preservation of our genetic plant heritage to be vital to the survival of the human species.