Waste Water Treatment

Humanity has considered the waters to be public waste disposal facilities for millennia.  Third world nations and even first world cities continue to dump unprocessed sewerage directly into streams, rivers, and oceans.  When waste water is processed, the processes used are industrial and unnatural, not to mention expensive, and often fail to adequately treat sewage effluent before discharging it into bodies of water.

GGT is partnering with established environmental design firms which utilize living systems, so-called “Eco-Machines”, to reproduce natural water purification processes.  A robust ecosystem is created in the Eco-Machine between the plants, microbial species and distinct treatment zones. Within the Eco-Machine, all the major groups of life are represented, including microscopic algae, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and zooplankton, on upward to snails, clams, and fishes. These systems can be reproduced to process waste water for single homes, neighborhoods, industrial plants, or cities.  We will be using these eco-machines for waste water processing in the Caribbean, mining communities, and local villages, expanding then into city neighborhoods and possibly municipal treatment plants.