Purchase of Pre-Paid Advertising     for Contract     Advertising Users

Here’s a WIN / WIN Situation:


GG Media is affiliated with a large (over 10 million members) private group of individuals and companies, engaged in private commerce, who are backed by over two hundred billion dollars worth of US Treasury bonds, over 49 Billion Euros, and currently over seven trillions of dollars worth of other assets.

This private group believes that in our current world financial situation, the independent media are in danger.  In the United States, 10 years ago there were 50 groups that controlled the vast number of the newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations.  Now, this number has been reduced to only 5.  This contraction of the media reduces the free exchange of ideas, and allows increased governmental and extra-governmental control.

This group would therefore like to support the established media outlets by purchasing large amounts of advertising from them.  They are doing so by authorizing the purchase of unlimited pools of pre-paid advertising.  This advertising will not necessarily be used right away, but they will be using some of it later on.  The important thing is, the newspaper or broadcasting station will have money to continue to operate, and continue to provide their vital service to the people.

We currently have advertising purchasing agents active on four continents. Anyone interest in selling advertising to us or acting as our agent may contact us here for further details.

Sales of Advertising Time and Display Ads through GG Media Outlets

GG Media will be consolidating advertising from its own companies for sale on GG Media and other media outlets.  When we are ready to solicit outside advertising contracts, we will announce that here.