Alternative Medicine


    Few things are more barbaric than the present state of ‘health care’ (disease care) of the old paradigm. By the nature of it’s architecture, the system is dedicated to the perpetuation of disease and ill heath whereby it profits off the sale of pharaceutical drugs and insurance programs. In this model, there can be no true health or well-being.
GGT is a strong advocate of the many alternative health professionals the world over who are helping their patients with time-tested, natural remedies. Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reiki, energy healing, sound and light healing, stem cells, MMS, rife technology, silver and other alternative therapies can be powerful agents of healing used with the correct information and by an able practitioner.
GGT is actively networking with healing professionals and promoting alternative medical information that has proven to be effective in practice.

See our BioMed section for more information of some of these programs.