Production of cutting edge videos, films, and other    presentations for international distribution

GG Media is stepping into the world of motion picture      production by producing a documentary based on Lloyd Pye’s work with the Star Child Skull.  DNA work      has shown this skull to contain a mixture of human and non-human DNA.  Two      films will be produced.

The budget for these films is now $6 million. $2 million      goes to the extensive testing that has to be done to recover and analyze a mass      of DNA never before seen or recorded. $2 Million for two documentaries: The      first will be about the backstory and the recovery of the genome, the second      will focus on the analysis of the alien DNA, and have comments from all kinds      of people about what they think the new reality will mean. The final $2 million      will be for running the film company that will have to coordinate all of the      business matters that will be required over the next two years.

We have received approval for $350 Million to produce a film      based on the Wingmakers story.   We also are very interested in supporting the production of      such films as “What in the        World Are They Spraying?”, which raise world consciousness regarding      important suppressed information.

GGT Media is currently assembling a core group of professional directors, producers, actors and other skilled movie-making personel to facilitate the creation of inspirational and informative film media.