It is no exagerration to say that the internet is profoundly changing the world. In less than two decades, the free dissemination of information to the people through the world wide web has resulted in the most rapid acceleration of consciousness in all of human history.

This has counter-acted many of the control systems of the old paradgim, as people are beginning to think for themselves and discern truth from falsehood – based not on what they are told, but on their own connecting-of-the-dots. We know that the one thing no-one can ultimately repres is the evolution of human consciousness, for it’s growth and expansion is built-in and set in motion by our Creator.
We at GGT plan to utilize the internet for maximum exposure and to use it as the powerful tool it is for connecting people together and promoting interactive discourse.

This can only result in a more empowered populace and ultimately, an emergence of fresh, creative and innovative thinking to apply to the very real problems and challenges we face today. We see the emergence of the new paradigm as one that is basically cooperative in nature; one that is fueled by the best ideas that come from the networking of  minds committed to a common purpose.
GGT is integrating state-of-the-art web tools for this networking purpose. To date, we’ve invested much in this regard and will continue to invest time, skills and talents into maximizing the internet as one of our primary vehicles of communication with the public and among the members of our own global community.