Paradigm Shift

The world is in turmoil in more ways than one – from political instability and wars to galactic changes that are seriously starting to affect the geology of the earth. We also know that the course taken by large single-focus multinational corporations is not working well for our delicate planet, nor for it’s inhabitants.  Therefore we intend on providing a new approach: one that insures a responsible and environmentally sustainable future. 

We at Global Genius Trust believe that the human race is clearly on the precipice of a great change: a paradigm shift in consciousness that will forever alter the way our lives are ordered.

The emerging paradigm is already here, it just has has not yet broken through the old control structure, but it’s effects can be seen everywhere – and it’s coming is certain.  This is evidenced by the consciousness of the public: we are seeing through the lies and manipulation of the old paradigm and seeing clearly the self-serving nature of the existing ‘system.’ No longer are the people of the world content to be exploited for the profit of a very few.  No longer are we willing to sit by silently while the machinations of the system continue to destroy the environment and our home planet.  No longer can we live in a world of secrecy and untruth.

We choose to enthusiastically embrace this new paradigm and become active participants in it’s creation. We hold that it is totally possible to create a world where ethics, and mutually beneficial co-creation has the predominant energy of the planet. This is the founding philosophy of GGT.

GGT Media is playing an active role in promoting and communicating this new paradigm to the world. We are assembling a library of cutting-edge enlightening material on a wide range of subjects that will be distributed in a variety of formats to facilitate this shift. This includes: Art, Music, Film, Television, Book and Newspaper Publications and Internet Media.