Private Equity Offer

7,212,000 ounces of PROVEN GOLD and about 100M more not yet proven.

GGMetals, Ecuador and Peru

Minimum investment per investor: $1,000

Phase I investment sought:  $300,000, Start-up costs

Phase II investment sought (Ecuador):  $9,000,000 to open initial mine and consolidate land assets

At this point, the mine is capable of continuous operations, and can fund additional expansion.

Phase III Expansion (Ecuador):  Add refinery as second profit center

Phase IV Expansion (Peru):  Explore and prove assets in Peruvian concessions


Limited Time Offer: 5x number of shares for founding investors


Dear Investor,

Thank you for your interest in our mining project.  The assets we control, and the potential for this mine, are astounding.  We invite you to learn more about the opportunities, and join us in this very lucrative project.

INTRODUCTION: We are working with a mine owner who has agreed to transfer his mining property to GGTrust to back GGTrust projects, in particular the GGCurrency.  This land has proven reserves in the range of $11,000,000,000 (eleven billion dollars) in gold, silver and copper.   We are looking for investors to help us to exploit this asset.

Phase III as described below funds a precious metals refinery which has proprietary processes capable of producing 30% more precious metal from mining concentrates than current processes. This refinery will provide a second profit center as it provides services to additional mines in the surrounding mining district.  This phase and subsequent phases will be funding from net profits.

Phase IV begins the exploration of additional mining sites discovered by the same person as the original Ecuadorian site.  These additional Peruvian sites contain an estimated five to ten times the assets of the original Ecuadorian $11 billion site.

ASSETS: GGMetals is in the process of obtaining land with proven total in-ground reserves in gold, silver and copper, worth $11B.  If we consider that the gold price is presently at $1,200 per ounce and the cost of extracting the gold is conservatively $400 per ounce, this leaves a $800 gross profit per ounce. or 2/3 of the sales price of the gold.

Given that proven reserves are $11B,  ⅓ of $11B would be $7.26B gross profit in gold/silver/copper if and when extracted.

Concessions in Peru jointly contain an estimated 5-10 times the assets in the original Ecuadorian GGMetals site. The Peruvian sites are located approximately 25 miles from the Ecuador site.

CAPITAL STRUCTURE: GGMetals will issue 100 Million common shares.  30% or 30M shares will be available for purchase.  An investment of $1000 will purchase 0.01% of the company, or 10,000 shares.  For a limited time, Phase I investors will receive shares at an 80% discount, or 50,000 shares for $1,000. We are discounting Phase I shares to encourage Phase I investment. We hope to pay future dividends on these shares and experience share price appreciation.

GGMetals will be a holding company based in Panama. GGMetals will use wholly owned subsidiaries which are mining companies in Ecuador and Peru.

JURISDICTION:  GGMetals will be created in Panama as a holding company with 100M authorized shares.  Property title for the Ecuadorian mining land and the Peruvian mining concessions will be transferred to GGMetals. Mining operations in Ecuador will initially fall under artisanal and small mining regulations.  It is possible that they could be expanded to large scale operations later.



The first phase of investment is to be used primarily for the following three tasks:

  1. Create GGMetals holding company in Panama.
  2. Ecuador: Pay all transfer expenses and fees (attorney, notary, municipal and property registration) to transfer the first plot of mining land to GGMetals.  This land has approximately eleven billion dollars in gold, silver and copper.  The owner has agreed to the transfer with GGTrust paying for the transfer expenses.
  3. Ecuador: Replicate the above transfer for three more similar adjacent plots of land.
  4. Create a Peruvian Mining company, then transfer Peruvian mining concessions to this new mining company.  This new mining company will be wholly owned by GGMetals.  These mining concessions are roughly estimated to have between 10 and 100 million ounces of gold in addition to other PGM (silver, copper, etc), making this one of the world’s best gold, silver and other precious metal assets.



  1. Purchase the second parcel from the same owner as the primary land parcel in Ecuador   — $1M
  2. Purchase remaining secondary land parcels — $5M
  3. Establish initial Ecuador mine producing 600 ton ore/day $3M — (1 quarter ramp up, 3 quarters in production).  Expected  yield of $84,000 per day gross profit in gold, silver and copper, for the first year; expected second year increase of 130% — expecting initial dividends to shareholders in the first year of mine operation.


PLANNED USE AND ACTIVITIES: Cost-$18,000,000 (3 quarters of production)

  1. Establish PGM (Platinum Metals Group) Refinery: $15M–Proprietary methods give 30% increase in metal production over existing methods
  2. Double production to 1200 tons/day ($3M)


COST: $41,000,000 (profit from 3 quarters of production)

  1. Prove via core drilling and lab testing the reserves in the concessions in Peru — $35M
  2. Double production to 2400 tons/day ($6M)


1, Open mine in Peru

  1. Double production to 4800 tons/day ($12M)

GGTrust will be using the assets of GGMetals to provide precious metals backing of a new international trade currency, GGCurrency.

Projected Initial Gross Revenues for Initial Mine in Ecuador.

Fiscal Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Gold $0 $37,500,000 $50,000,000 $130,000,000 $260,000,000
Silver $0 $1,384,929 $1,846,573 $4,801,089 $9,602,177
Copper $0 $9,636,194 $12,848,257 $33,405,468 $66,810,937
Refinery Service $0 $0 $500,000 $1,000,000 $1,500,000
Other $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total $0 $48,521,123 $65,194,830 $169,206,557 $337,913,114
Number of Grams:
Gold 0 961500 1282000 3333200 6679400
Number of Grams:
Silver 0 2610382 3480509 9049324 18098649
Number of Pounds:
Copper 0 3441498 4588663 11930524 23861049


Access to the certified mine exploration  report is available upon signing a nondisclosure agreement.

As you can see, this is an extremely lucrative investment.  The first mine in particular is expected to last for 170 years at 300 tons/day, and this is just the first mine in Ecuador.  Subsequent mine(s) in Peru appear to have approximately 10 times this potential.  We invite your participation to get this company off the ground and into production.  We feel it is a “no brainer”.  You may contact us about any questions you may have.