Company Management

GGTrust offers company management services. The usual scenario involves an exchange of enough company stocks for GGTrust stocks that GGTrust gains majority control. This allows GGTrust managers to have the necessary control to make management fluid.

Ordinarily, a minimum of 51% is required. Business enterprises will benefit tremendously from having our very skilled Advisory Council team direct their companies. While owners will lose control of their company, they will benefit by gaining a very qualified team of Trustees to co-manage with them, and have the additional benefit of a corresponding amount of valuable GGT shares.

Who might want to use this option?

Those who might be interested in using GGTrust Corporate Management Services include:

  •  Retiring Owners –  If you are no longer interested in the day to day management of your company, but still desire for it to have expert management, you might consider utilizing our management services.
  • Inheriting Owners –  If have inherited a company, but lack the skills or interest to give superior management, consider contracting with our Management Services.
  • Owners of several companies –  Who may have too much on their plate, and need assistance for management of one or more companies.
  • Majority Owners –   Who trade shares in their company for GGTrust shares, and in turn get management services.
  • Associate/non-majority owned companies –  Which do not have a controlling issue of stocks to trade, but contract management services on a fee for service basis.
  • Nationalized or government-owned companies –  Business properties which have defaulted and been taken over by governments often lack the proper management oversight to ensure profitable operation.  GGT Corporate Management Services can step in on a shared-ownership or fee for service basis, and bring these corporations back into the black.