Technology Evaluation Service

Technology Evaluation Service

We recognize that an investor may have a great desire to fund sustainable, clean, or disruptive technologies, yet have no idea whether a particular technology product has genuine merit.  There are many exciting projects all over the internet which have turned out to be fraudulent.  On the other hand, there are many exciting and disruptive technologies which deserve development, but attract no funding because the technology is so advanced that it appears impossible that it is real.  GGTrust has multidisciplinary experts in multiple fields to help evaluate complex technologies.


A technology device or product may be functional, but due to cost, safety or other considerations it may not be a feasible product for production and sale.  Our expert evaluation can guide the investor to make the right choice.

GGTrust Technology Appraisal Service will provide an unbiased evaluation of the potential of a new technology to be a successful developed technology.  It will also provide guidance as to special characteristics of this technology, the inventor, developers, environmental concerns, and the business itself, so that an investor and the technology owner will both be aware of potential issues in development and marketing of the technology, and to some extent, specific business issues.  If there are specific concerns which a potential investor may have, for instance, these can be explored in a tailored report for that investor.

Specific strengths and weaknesses of the inventor, the developer, the technology itself, and to a smaller extent, an existing business built up around this technology can be explored.  This can include any specific biases or difficulties which an investor might expect to discover when dealing with the personalities involved.  If the product is owned by an existing business, the business itself can be evaluated for an additional fee.

Technologies which Technology Appraisal Service focuses on at this time include:  Free-energy, plasma energy, electromagnetic energy projects, quantum energy, antigravity, waste to energy, recycling, reusing, radio, biotech, digital electronics, analog electronics, software, Orgone devices, longevity, stem cells, anti-ageing,  health, and more.  GGTrust has a stable of experts which can be consulted for a wide variety of other technologies.

Technology areas evaluated include:

  • Efficacy
  • Risk
    • Investment
    • Regulatory
    • Legal
    • Safety
    • Competitive and Disruptive Technology
  • Profitability
  • Complexity
  • Sustainability
  • Ecological Impact
  • Ethics
  • Growth Potential
  • Percentage of the World Population Benefited
  • Creates Prosperity
  • Realistic Funding Requirements
  • Technology Owner Relations Issues
  • Regulatory issues
  • Intellectual Property Issues