The Skycar M400 4 passenger vehicle is a very low cost VTOL that does the same job as a helicopter but 3-4 times faster and at a significantly reduced cost.  In fact, the cost will be so low that it will be available as a mass transportation system for all.  The Skycar Air Taxi system is the means to provide everyone in this planet with inexpensive, fast air transportation within minutes to anywhere at nearly 600 Km per hour.  Imagine going from one side of a major city to the other in less than 5 minutes, at just $10 a ride!

“Our estimate of Moller’s Skycar performance employing these engine pods corroborates Moller’s per-formance estimates.  The lack of any evidence of exaggerated claims made for the Skycar vehicle performance is a hopeful sign that the engine performance estimates are equally realistic.” J.B. Nichols—Boeing Aeronautical Systems

“The volantor (Skycar) will do for car-based society what the car did for horse-based society.  It is the right solution at the right time.” He goes on to add, “It is not a question of if but when the market for Moller vehicles will be about $1 trillion a year. Dr. Dennis Bushnell—Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

“This is extremely significant,” says Dr. Zuk. “It’s really a breakthrough for the type and concept and it has merits from a cost standpoint that show promise to be a future personal transportation system.  It’s a true first.”  Dr. Zuk goes on to say, “Moller is different.  He’s got academic credentials.  He’s thorough.” Dr. John Zuk—Chief, Advanced Plans and Programs, NASA Ames

For more information on the Skycar technology visit Moller International