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The world is in turmoil in more ways than one – from political instability and wars to galactic changes that are seriously starting to affect the geology of the earth. We also know that the course taken by large single-focus multinational corporations is not working well for our delicate planet, nor for it’s inhabitants. Therefore we intend on providing a new approach: one that insures a responsible and environmentally sustainable future. We offer solutions that mediate between providing investors a high yield on their stocks, while at the same time providing a new innovative model for large-scale business to follow.The world has no shortage of brilliant, innovative minds that, if given the opportunity through funding, could make a huge positive impact upon the quality of life for everyone on the planet. The prime intention of Global Genius Trust (GGT) is to tap these resources and empower these individuals and companies to provide solutions to our present planetary problems. We invite you to learn about how Open Management is a true paradigm shift in the way companies operate. We also invite you to learn about our Collective Intelligence Decision Making software tool and how this tool WILL change the way the entire world makes decisions.

We encourage your participation in co-creating with us a better future for all. We invite you to comment on this page below and to join our forums, donate and invest.

GGT prime directive is to have you be part of the decision making process.

GGT stands for a clear and attainable vision of the world as it can be.

A world achieved through implementation of disruptive technology and innovative thinking. We rally behind new systems and new ways of approaching old problems. We work within closely knit networks of passionate people and forward thinking organizations collaborating to collectively dream, and quickly, refine ideas, build prototypes, test implementation, and deploy on a multinational scale.

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