Celestavia PRT Cable Car System

Project Description

With the availability of new, lower cost technologies comes the opportunity of doing things in new and innovative ways. Intra-city transport is ripe to be transformed by an artificial intelligence cableway system which easily transports people and materials more than 4 times faster than the present bus systems--faster even than taxis and private automobiles. And this is done with zero emissions (since it is all electric) and with zero use of the existing roadways.

This new technology guarantees 24/7 service with zero accidents, and in most cases zero wait time: just walk in, sit and off you go. This is the same as with your personal vehicle, with the added advantages of not having to drive, going at significantly higher speeds, and most important, not having to park! And most of the time you step off at a very short walking distance from your final destination. All at a significantly reduced cost from an automobile--for the same price as a bus ride.