Silica Sand

In Southern Ecuador we have a concession for a large mountain made of 98.32% pure fine white silica sand of the highest quality. It is useful for electronics and glass manufacture, and there is definitely a lack of glass production in this part of South America. This sand mountain has not been exploited due to lack of access to transportation, but it is quite near the projected route of our heavy railroad line. Orders for this sand have come to us from Korea, China, and other countries, as much as we can produce, for prices of $25 to $450 per ton. This sand is available by simply loading it with a power shovel in quantities of 50 Million Metric Tons.

We can provide from +16 to –400 MESH
Conversion Chart

$25-450 USD / Metric Ton FOB Puerto Bolivar, Ecuador. 
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Report by Michel Rowland
Lab test
 Sand Picture

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