The purpose of the GGCurrency System is to provide an alternative to the current established global and local currency systems. Such a system must of course be better than the current system, or it would be useless to introduce it. Our proposed system will have the following benefits:

  1. Autonomous, and free from external manipulation (no central banks or governmental control)
  2. Self-regulating without outside interference
  3. Autonomously able to expand or contract money supply to respond to changing demands for currency
  4. Transactions free from external observation
  5. Unlike fiat currencies, cannot be overproduced to cause inflation and loss of value
  6. Does not require bank involvement in order to use or transfer it.
  7. It is a credit based system, instead of a debt based system such as that used in all national currencies and the international monetary and banking system.
  8. Creating or using it does not create more debt (unlike the current system)
  9. Unlike the national currency, our currency has intrinsic value
  10. Unlike Bitcoin, it has a physical representation that can be used locally.
  11. Beauty
  12. Secure from theft or counterfeiting
  13. Asset backed, unlike the Fiat nature of all national currencies today, or Bitcoin.
  14. Easy and inexpensive to transfer money locally and internationally
  15. International money transfers without government oversight or interference
  16. Includes a mobile phone based bill payment system
  17. Linkable to the value of local labor
  18. Able to be produced with labor
  19. Non-Scarce, abundant currency
  20. Promotes relationships
  21. Promotes Community
  22. Benefits local communities: keeps wealth local, instead of exporting it to the cities
  23. Inherently causes increased wealth, abundance and prosperity in the communities using it
  24. Coordinates with local Chambers of Commerce and business organizations
  25. Tends to benefit entire communities, instead of being concentrated into the hands of a wealthy few—benefits the village as well as the castle
  26. Inherently benefits women
  27. Has historical basis for benefiting society