If GGCurrency is so profitable, why are you asking for donations?

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Even though GGTrust owns or controls billions of dollars of assets, that doesn't mean that we have the money right now to exploit those assets.  We have billions of dollars of gold in the ground, but we do not yet have the scores of millions required to mine that gold. Similarly, we have many  technologies which we firmly believe will lead to trillion dollar industries, but we do not have the millions to develop them. GGCurrency needs start up money to create the computer coding and physical currency to launch.  That is why we ask for your donations and investments. Recent history is showing us that internet related applications whose time has come may grow at a fast exponential rate.  See how fast Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and e-currencies  like Bitcoin have gone from just an idea to what they are today.  We expect the same to happen with the GGTrust and GGCurrency. How would you like to have had the opportunity to invest in Google, Amazon or Bitcoin at the very beginning?

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