What are the Benefits to Users of GGCurrency?

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GGCurrency users will benefit from the many world changes which GGTrust will be able to establish by using the funding with GGCurrency allows. Users will benefit from a stable currency, which is not constantly inflating like the US Dollar, the Euro, and other national currencies. Users will be able to send money to any other user or exchange for pennies, rather than the high fees which banks charge. Users will be able to transfer money to any other user, without any government being aware of it, stopping the transaction, controlling it, etc. Users will have a way to transmit value from their local currency into any other local currency in the GGC system.  And they can transmit value from GGCurrency or their local currency into many national currencies, as well, for pennies per transaction. Users can exchange currencies for pennies, instead of the percentages which banks and exchangers charge. GGCurrency users can interface with their local currencies, and have a local currency which supports cooperation instead of competition, benefits women and gender balance, and increases local wealth and prosperity. Users will be able to take back the 17% of the economy which currently goes into the banking and financial system. Users will be able to securely transmit property and intellectual property and contracts without the need for lawyers or bankers. Users will be able to use conditional money transfers, and escrow functions, so that their transfer only goes thru when they get their product. Users will be able to have a place to store money, without a bank, and without bank fees. Users will see the money in their community circulate much more than it does elsewhere, up to 10 times as much!  This gives up to 10 times as much prosperity and wealth in their community! Users will be able to use a currency that is gold backed, and backed by assets, instead of debt.  So that when they have more currency, they have more assets, instead of more debt. Users will see their viewpoint shift from short term, self centered, to long term benefits which benefit the whole community, not just themselves. Users will be able to enjoy an increase in the sustainability of the economy. Users will feel more balance between their own male and female characteristics. Users will feel more connection with the Earth, and the Divine Feminine.

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