Who has control over the GGCurrency?

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GGCurrency  will operate primarily as a disseminated autonomous organization (DAO), a self regulating computer program free as much as possible from human interference and control.  Monitoring the DAO will be necessary at first to insure that the self-regulating feedback loops are properly tweaked to give the independent operations required.  No changes will be made in the system without concurrence of a wide group of users, programmers, economists and cryptocurrency experts. The DAO is monitored by The GGCurrency Foundation, which is located in a country with a history of being free in financial affairs. The foundation will not own it nor control the DAO, and ultimately, the control of the DAO will reside in each of thousands of computers which are running its algorithms. The foundation will be run by a board of directors having at least one economist like Dr. Lietaer, commodities specialists, free market specialists, bankers, IT cryptocurrency specialists, and others.

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