There is a simple solution to many of the world’s biggest problems at our disposal, in a place you never thought to look!

Help us to implement it!

Human psychology and behavior are affected by the very TYPE of money we use.

All nations currently use a type of money which is severely unbalanced towards the male or Yang side, and contributes in the suppression of the Divine Feminine.

History shows that by modifying the type of money system we use, we can switch from a paradigm of scarcity and control to one of freedom and prosperity.

GEO isn’t just a new currency.  It is a whole new currency SYSTEM.  You will learn more about that in Part IV. But for now, let’s look at WHY we would want a new system instead of just the plain ol’ pocket money that we use today.

Benefits of our Proposed GEO Currency System

  • Promotes Abundance and Sustainability
    • Keeps Local Wealth Local
    • Promotes Long-term Thinking and Investments, instead of Short-term
    • Reduces Greed and Scarcity Consciousness
    • Promotes Health
  • Promotes Relationships
  • Promotes Community
  • Inherently Benefits Women, and Promotes Gender Balance
  • Promotes Cooperation, Instead of Competition
  • Promotes Liberty
    • Free from Governmental Manipulation and Control
  • Is Asset Based, not like debt-based national currencies
    • Using it Creates Wealth, instead of debt
  • Has Benefits of Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin
    • Cheap and Easy to Transmit Internationally
  • And Much More!

We know that you probably have never studied money, and that you have been conditioned to find the whole subject distasteful.

Part of your control programming. We know.

But, we invite you to challenge your control programming and get your feet wet by reading a brief introduction. We promise it won’t hurt too much.

If the water isn’t too scary, we then can lead you through deeper and deeper understanding of how the money we have chosen to use keeps us from experiencing a fullness of abundance and joy.

We invite you to learn more about money, different types of currency, the effects of different types of money on human behavior, and how the GEO currency system will promote the global changes that you want to see.

Join us as we lead you to a new understanding of a cause of many global problems, and as we then reveal our solution.  We invite you to join us in manifesting this unexpected transformation:  tell others, join our forums, participate in the system and/or donate.

To learn more, choose one of these options:

 GGTrust proposes a system of Yin-type local currencies to increase local prosperity and community. We also propose an international yin-type currency which will complement the current Yang fiat money and the coming international gold-backed money system. We believe that our GEO Currency will increase prosperity for those who use it, preserve freedom and privacy, encourage long term thinking, balance the cycles of global economics, and increase gender balance, cooperation and community.

Below is a GEO vs. Other comparison chart:

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