Board of Trustees

dan dan1



  • Medical Doctor, Univ Wisconsin.
  • Family Practice, Alternative Medicine
  • Captain, US Army Intelligence. Major, Medical Corps
  • BA Chinese Language
  • Lived 2 years or more in China, Ecuador, Congo, USA;
    a month or more in Russia, Germany, Peru
    Traveled to more than 35 countries thus far
    Speak English, Chinese, French, some Spanish and Russian
    Taught college Electronics, US Army Intel School, Chiropractors, Naturopathic College
  • Former Missionary, Shaman, High Priest, Musician
  • Delivered over 200 Babies. Emergency room experience in 4 states. 4 years of Family Practice

Alternative Medicine including:

  • Herbology

  • Homeopathy

  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy

  • Dark Field Microscopy

  • Chelation Therapy

  • Nutrition

  • Neural Therapy

  • Oxidative Therapy

  • Prayer Therapy, Reiki Master, Reconnective Therapy

  • Stem Cell Therapy

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Trustee and Founder


Serial entrepreneur is what describes me best at this point in life.  At the Global Genius Trust I am responsible for the idea and creation of numerous projects in Agriculture, Forest Preservation, Food Production, Aviation, Banking, Currency, Bio Medicine, Community Creation, Ecology and Sustainability Energy, Media, Mining, Software and Transportation.   The knowledge to do all this has come from a lifetime nonstop education into all these fields.

24 years’ experience as hardware and software engineer for TMI, NCCI, Cyberguard, Encore Systems, Sun Microsystems, Federal Express, Conner Drives, GTE Government Information Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation, Sears Catalog Division, NCR, KODAK, IBM, Motorola, Logical Devices, Citicorp, Ungermann-Bass and others less known.

Experience in the design of complex mechanical automation equipment, radio communication equipment, medical equipment, computer operating system; large-scale technical project management and corporate management consulting.

12,000+ hours law education, specializing in international asset protection and Common  Law.

6 years none-stop studying and practicing a wide variety of spiritual occult subjects.
Author of the: 21st Century Practical Spiritual Metaphysic Guide book for Atheist’s & Agnostics

Founder for Fundacion Ecologica Condorhuana

Founder of the Utopian EcoVillage Network Federation for Latin America

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ely Ely Michael Beckman

Former Trustee

Ely Beckman is a visionary culture maker dedicated to fostering creativity, building community and nurturing the collective imagination. Ely has spent the last decade developing brands, concepts, content, and creative work; working closely with fashion companies, media firms, technology groups, fine artists and non profit organizations internationally. Professionally trained as an architect at one of the worlds most prestigious architecture schools, Ely has experience project managing dozens of building projects from concept through design and construction, including 5-15 story residential developments, interior design for home owners and commercial projects in New York City and the New World of Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta, GA.

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Arturo Aréchiga,  Trustee for Latinoamerica
Environmental Technology Specialist