It is no secret that the world financial market is in jeopardy.  The dollar is expected to collapse under the      weight of US debt worth 570% of GDP. The      Euro reels from blows administered by unrestrained debt in Spain, Greece,      Portugal, Hungary, Ireland, and Italy.  The U.S. bond (debt) market is two-and-a-half-times the size of the U.S.    stock market!

Businesses throughout the world are suffering from a lack of      credit, a lack of money, yet there is no true lack of money!  There is plenty of money, or at least plenty      of the debt instruments that pass for money in all nations, but it is not      circulating.  Just as in the engineered      crash of the economy in 1929, which was brought on by an intentional 30%      contraction in the amount of money in circulation, the current financial powers      that be are trying to increase their control of the world’s wealth by      contracting the economy, bringing on a deliberate crash, while planning to buy    the dregs of the economy at bargain basement prices afterwards.

GG Trust intends to participate in an alternative economic      system that is being created, one that may lessen the shock of the coming      collapse.  By using local alternative      currencies, communities in the Great Depression of the 1930s were able to      prosper, even without access to supplies of their national currency.  But when their central governments forbid the use of these local alternative currencies, these      communities experienced the same collapse as their unfortunate neighbors.

One alternative currency, the Swiss Wir,      has been around for over 60 years, and has over 2 billion dollars worth of      transactions each year. It has been      instrumental in contributing to the stability of the Swiss Franc.

There was only one      complementary currency system in 1984. By 1990, there were fewer than 100      complementary currency systems operational in the world, but in the year 2000      there were over 2500, and their number continues to grow.  Prof.        Bernard Lietaer, co-developer of the Euro, has written extensively      on complementary currencies, as well as the      characteristics of the current monetary system, and why it is prone to boom and      bust.  We highly recommend the study of      his writing: Integral View on Money.pdf

Rather than using solely government-mandated debt instruments      (called “fiat currency”, legal tender, or National Currencies), GG Financial      has discovered such monetary mechanisms as self-liquidating bills of credit, “terra-cotta bills      of exchange”, self-liquidating loans, and esoteric instruments used by private      commerce such as Uniform Advertising Week Promissory Notes, which can quickly      and easily re-capitalize        banks, increase the amount of money in circulation, and reduce the debt of      the community, and of the nations.

By using these complementary currencies          and protocols, alongside the debt instruments that all current governments          mandate as their national currency, GGT Financial has the means to quickly and greatly          increase its own assets, thus benefiting its shareholders, while also funding a          large number of projects important to the ecology, the economy, society, and        humanity.

Monetary Reform:      Gold And Bills Of ExchangePDF file — Economist Antal Fekete discusses monetary reform “as important as the invention of the wheel.” Address before the Civil Society        Institute at Santa Clara University. A must read…

A      Synthesis of the Relevant Concepts from “The Future of Money” Euro architect Bernard Lietaer        discusses complementary currencies.