GGTrust stands for a clear and attainable vision of the world as it can be.

We rely on a new set of principles that has spawned a universe of connections, world benefiting projects, mind blowing inventions and scientific breakthroughs; all ripe for implementation and all stand to greatly benefit the world at large while making significant financial returns.

Challenging The Ordinary

Our visions are achieved with a masterful blend of disruptive technology and innovative thinking. We rally behind integrated systems and new ways of approaching current issues. Its time to ask new questions and reframe global industry.

Collaborative Approach

We work within closely knit networks of passionate people and forward thinking organizations collaborating to collectively dream, and quickly, refine ideas, build prototypes, test implementation, and deploy on a multi national scale.

Fundamental Principles

We see that although there may be a million methods of operating, they all stem from a few key principles. By understanding the essential principles we can tackle many sectors using systems thinking and a holistic approach.

Our approach to Project

We focus on projects that take into consideration a different set of priorities than your typical corporation.

Our criteria for projects rank the impact on the planet, and humanity above profitability, while balancing the need for projects to be incredibly profitable in order to sustain the growth and deliver the intended impact.

The commonality is that all projects present a new way of operating and help civilization transition toward a more sustainable and harmonious way of conducting commerce, enriching culture, and fostering prosperity, preservation, and sharing knowledge.


GGTrust strikes the balance between being consummate businessmen and stewards of the planet.


Our network spans the globe

GGTrust is comprised of incredible minds and dedicated souls; diligently working to leave the world better than is was when we started.

We invite you to join us

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