We are working on a project to provide transportation service to connect the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean via Machala, Ecuador via Iquitos, Peru, a distance of 780Km., connecting into the Amazon River, which runs 3,300 Km to the Atlantic Ocean.

While this appears to be a very profitable service that will compete with the Panama Canal, we must first determine if the idea is ecologically feasible, and whether it can be done with minimal damage.  Can the profits be used to help reverse the damage already done to the Amazon Forest, and most important not produce any further damage?

Phase one of this project is a railroad within Ecuador, from Machala to Zamora, a distance of 240Km.  The main reasons for the railroad are the elimination of the majority of truck transportation, which is increasing in amount and cost, and reduction of air pollution from diesel truck engines.  Because we can use existing road rights of way, the railroad should have a very minimal ecological impact. Financially it will easily pay for itself by handling the traffic from large copper and silica sand mining operations. There are several other train transportation opportunities that can be explored. Whoever does it first earns the profits…