Air-Taxi Service

VTOL Air-Taxi Service promises to be something that will be in high demand in coming decades. Roads have become too crowded, and not time or cost effective. Air-Taxi Service, utilizing the technology of the SkyCar and other VTOL, promises to be a very practical solution to individuals who need to get from one place to another in a timely, low cost and efficient manner.
We think in the coming years we will see an entire new and lucrative industry emerge with both the SkyCar and resulting Air-Taxi Service. The technology is here and it’s real, it will just be a matter of time before a few forward thinking individuals see the opportunity for what it is and it is developed for the population at large.
In order to be able to bring a Skycar to everyone, a new system of artificial intelligence pilot needs to be developed, in conjunction with a highly modified air-traffic-control system.  GG Aviation is doing just that. We are in the initial stages of designing a ATMS to enable the flight of any number of Skycars at the same time.
The time to invest in these breaking new transportation solutions is NOW!

Below is a list of some countries investment opportunities and estimated ROI to provide air-taxi ser-vice to the entire country, with initial deployment rate of one Skycar per 3000 population.

UAE*             ……………$2.560B –    ROI: 182%       Saudi Arabia*     $11.847B    ROI: 126%       Egypt            ……………$8.691B    ROI: 162%       Sudan            ………….$6.224B    ROI: 122%       Qatar* …………           $567M —   ROI: 166%       Kuwait*        ………..$1.075B    ROI: 187%       Iraq ……………..           $3.257B    ROI: 169%       Turkey        ………….$8.000B    ROI: 169%       South Africa        …$6.578B    ROI: 133%       Chile            ……………$2.898B    ROI: 150%     Ecuador        ………$1.784B    ROI: 143%

*Initial Deployment rate 1 Skycar per 1000 population

Most Profitable Industry
Global Genius Trust’s aviation projects are poised to be some of the most profitable businesses ever, more profitable even than the software and computer industries, or the communications in-dustry.  This project will even continue to be highly profitable when the availability and demand for oil have declined!  This will be one of the largest industries ever, therefore your earning with us will be exceptionally high–100% yearly ROI will be standard.  We expect sales to be well above one trillion dollars within the first ten years; long-term sales will be in the trillions of dollars.  For every dollar you invest you can expect 100% return year after year.