GG Transportation seeks out new and innovative transportation opportunities.  It then vets these solutions, and applies them to recognized transportation needs.  Finally, it applies GGT funding to bring these solutions into reality.

Some of the projects that we are working on include:

• Vertical take off and landing Skycar production and deployment.
• Development of a point to point, pilotless air traffic control system, utilizing Skycars and other aircraft.
• Development of motors and propulsion systems that do not require fossil fuels to operate.
• Creation of networks of helicopter transportation in South America to support medical evacuation, charter operations, and industrial needs.
• Use of heavy-lift, lighter than air vehicles to support selective, sustainable logging of post-mature trees without damaging logging roads, as well as possible use as one leg of a sustainable trans-Amazon transport system.
• Creation of a heavy railroad along existing road rights of way, to serve heavy industry in Ecuador.
• Creation of a sustainable, zero-carbon impact trans-Amazon barge transportation system, powered by water-flow-generated hydrogen or zero-point energy.  These craft would be automated, pollution-free, and have zero environmental impact in the Amazon basin.
• Use of cable air-lift system in the Andes to avoid extensive road-building operations.